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Strategic Product Bundling for your Business

Bankers do it. Gamers do it. Even your friendly fast food restaurants do it. It’s called “product bundling” and is hailed by marketing experts as a sure fire way to improve your business.

CPQ has a Dramatic Impact for Small Businesses

People who start a business today have a slew of advantages that no other generation of small business owners would ever have thought possible.

Don't Let Q2 Sales Goals Slip Away

You’re now over 30 days into the second quarter and the numbers aren’t looking pretty.

Why Your CPQ Solution Needs to Be Mobile

The best way possible to enable your sales team is to have a mobile CPQ (Configure Price Quote) solution.

SuiteWorld Coming Soon

Verenia will be among the exhibitors at the SuiteWorld Conference this year displaying their solution, Sole, the CPQ (Configure Price Quote) solution that is 100% natively built on the NetSuite platform. Attendees can see a demo of the Sole application and have any questions answered about the fast growing area of the CPQ market. Verenia will be featuring Sole in Exhibitor Booth number 1134.

Why CPQ is Better Linked to ERP than CRM

If you’re sitting in your office right now geeking out over which CPQ solution is for you, there are several important questions to ask about how all of your options integrate with your current tools.

5 Reasons CPQ Software Will Make You Never Train Another Sales Rep

Nowadays, it is no longer beneficial for companies to train their salespeople to remember hundreds of product details and pricing structures.

Sell at Higher Prices and Still Crush your Competitors

In today’s business landscape, the number of calls it takes a salesperson to close a sale has more than doubled from what it was ten years ago.

Sole CPQ is 100% Native to Netsuite; Delivers Increased Productivity and Decreased Errors

Chicago, IL (January 16, 2017) – has almost 70 CPQ apps in its AppExchange, but none of them are native to NetSuite. Verenia proudly offers Sole, which is 100% natively built on the Oracle+NetSuite platform.