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The industry leading Verenia Product Configurator, which is built for manufacturers, fuels Verenia 3D.

Verenia Product Configurator:
  • Increases Sales by allowing reps to configure complex, manufactured products in an Amazon-like UI, creating error-free quotes, in minutes if not seconds.
  • Reduces Costs by streamlining the manufacturing process, delivering dynamic Bills of Materials and Routings to the shop floor.
  • Fuels Verenia 3D. The configured product information collected by Verenia Product Configurator fuels Verenia 3D CAD Automation’s dynamic, real-time creation of CAD models, files and drawings, Verenia 3D Visual Planning’s 3D rendered images for website display and the enhanced reality environments created by Verenia 3D AR/VR.
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Are you ready to transform your product customization and modeling process so you can increase sales?

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Verenia's Product Configurator is Trusted by Awesome People

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See how your organization can  increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate your brand by using Verena's Product Configurator.
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