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Create Custom 3D Designs and Images of Your Products in Seconds

Verenia 3D works together, in the cloud, with Verenia CPQ Product Configurator to automate the generation of configuration-specific, detailed 3D CAD models, drawings, files and manufacturing information for individual customer orders. Verenia 3D works with any CAD system to streamline the manufacturing process, cutting costs.

The Verenia CPQ system also supports 3D, browser-based product visualization capabilities which empower salespeople, as well as online buyers, to visually display dynamic 3D rendered images of customized, configured products they are selling or buying, increasing sales.

See Remarkable Increases in Efficiency with Verenia 3D

By creating detailed drawings and files that are delivered directly to the shop floor, the Verenia 3D solution revolutionizes the traditional manufacturing process. Say goodbye to lag times between product modeling and sending through final orders.

Verenia 3D will help you cut manufacturing costs by eliminating repetitive engineering processes.


The Components of Verenia 3D

Our 3D technology offers four components that combine to offer a complete 3D solution for your team to utilize and immediately improve sales results and reduce manufacturing costs.

Visual Planning

Verenia 3D Visual Planning provides your customers with an immersive 3D buying experience, allowing you to display fully customizable, 3D images of your products on your website. This advanced technology displays these 3D product images within a virtual, dimensional and customized 3D space. This allows buyers to see your products as they would appear in their home, office, factory, or any physical space.


Verenia 3D's Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) component allows users to configure products using custom made AR/VR environments. This revolutionary technology creates disruptive ways to design, manufacture and sell your products, connecting your teams, your customers and your products, setting you apart from the competition.

Product Configurator

Verenia Product Configurator is the most powerful configurator in the industry, featuring an Amazon-like user interface for configuring customizable products quickly and easily. The product information collected by Verenia Product Configurator fuels Verenia 3D, providing the data needed for dynamic, real-time creation of 3D CAD models, files and drawings as well as 3D rendered images for display to salespeople and customers.

CAD Automation

Verenia 3D's CAD Design Automation provides reliable drawings, models of your products, as well as files in any CAD format, designed to your customer's exact specifications, that are delivered to the shop floor to streamline manufacturing and cut costs.

Verenia 3D is Trusted by Awesome People

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See how your organization can  increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate your brand by using Verenia's 3D solution.
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