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2D & 3D CAD Solution for Product Configurator

For manufacturers who are considering specialized front-end applications like Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and CRM, an advanced 3D solution is a necessary extension of the complete solution.

Verenia CPQ features a 3D Design Automation application that automates the generation of configuration-specific detailed 3D models, drawings, and manufacturing information for individual customer orders. This does two things: It increases sales and reduces costs by streamlining the manufacturing process.

2D & 3D CAD Solution for Product Configurator

Verenia’s 3D CAD automation components for product visualization in a browser within our Configure Price Quote (CPQ) application increases sales. This 3D capability allows salespeople to visually depict configured products they are selling, increasing sales. This 3D in browser capability gives salespeople the ability to give prospects a complete, three dimensional image of what they are intending to buy, on the fly, from scratch, in minutes if not seconds.

The Verenia 3D solution also streamlines the manufacturing process by creating detailed CAD drawings and files that are delivered to the shop floor. This reduces the costs of manufacturing, particularly of complex, configurable items.

An advanced 3D solution, like Verenia, working hand in glove with your CPQ and CRM, will save the organization thousands or millions by eliminating duplicate, repetitive engineering costs by increasing the efficiency of your manufacturing process. The optimal solution to implement has Verenia CPQ, CRM and 3D working together natively. 

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Here are some basic requirements that your 3D manufacturing software has to have and Verenia delivers on:

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