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Industry-Leading Sales Acceleration Solutions

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What Is CPQ?

Configure, price, quote (CPQ) software is designed to assist the sales department and increase revenue. CPQ helps companies by simplifying, hastening, and error-proofing the quoting process, resulting in increased efficiency and allowing your sales team to spend more time closing deals.

CPQ simplifies quoting with tools that automate pricing, provide instant validation, and use rules-based guided selling techniques to enhance the user experience. These solutions present upsell and cross-sell opportunities as real-time alerts and suggestions. This technology empowers reps to deliver professional, accurate proposals in a fraction of the time with maximum efficiency.

cpq by verenia

CPQ by Verenia

Verenia's CPQ is a complete omnichannel sales enablement and productivity suite offering front office, configure, price, quote (CPQ), and ecommerce solutions. Complicated selling rituals give way to intuitive guided selling pathways that direct sales and customers alike. Intuitive business rules and product logic built into the CPQ process eliminates errors. Verenia’s CPQ software becomes the product and process expert, allowing sales to focus on selling.

Organizations can save a great deal of money by reducing sales and product training to a single day. Verenia’s CPQ disrupts marketplaces and transforms companies by spurring innovation with the ability to respond quickly to current trends and make alterations. Verenia empowers businesses to be proactive when the opportunity presents and reactive when the situation demands.

With Verenia’s Sales Acceleration Solutions, You Can:

  • reduce rep training to one day;
  • sell like Amazon;
  • increase upsells and cross-sells;
  • eliminate the need to look up part numbers using spreadsheets and catalogs;
  • use visualization tools to build items before customers' eyes; and
  • configure complex products, calculate dimensions, and generate bills of materials (BOMs) and routings, images (CPI), and part numbers in real time.
cpq and b2b ecommerce

CPQ and B2B Ecommerce

Reps have primarily used CPQ software as an internal sales tool; however, businesses can apply the same CPQ processes to external sales for business-to-business (B2B) ecommerce. Making your CPQ tools available online empowers your dealers and distributors to customize their orders and adjust them to fit their needs and price point in minutes. Verenia’s solutions are flexible and bring value to a wide variety of businesses in any industry.

Verenia’s capabilities allow companies to do business with one another more efficiently. With Verenia's B2B ecommerce solutions implemented, your customers can visit your website and place an order within minutes of discovering their need, putting you miles ahead of the competition.

The Results You Can Expect after Implementing CPQ:

  • 93% error reduction
  • 99% reduction in training
  • 105% larger deal size
  • 49% increase in average prop volume
  • 19% higher lead conversion rate
  • 27% shorter sales cycle 

CPQ requires an investment in time and energy; however, the right CPQ solution will deliver a return on investment (ROI) that exceeds expectations and pays for itself. Verenia’s CPQ solutions will have you up and running in a fraction of the time required by traditional CPQs.