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About Us

Delivering Best-In-Class Solutions Together

Verenia is one of the fastest-growing enterprise software companies in the world.

Last year we helped over 250,000 users process billions of dollars of customers quotes and orders.

Our team understands that technology plays an important part in process improvement for engineering and sales departments.

That’s why Verenia works hard to provide everything your organization needs in a successful ecommerce platform that can evolve with your business.

Victorio Pellicano, Verenia CEO, founded Verenia in 2012 because he knew he wanted to do something.

After a few failed attempts at social apps, he went back to his comfort zone in enterprise software and began building a CPQ platform. To enhance, define and sell the product, he took brought in two CPQ product experts Jason Colosky and Kevin Thomas, and Verenia as a CPQ company, was born.

From that day four short years ago, they have turned Verenia from a part time nights & weekend job, into one of the leading enterprise software companies in Chicago. Still bootstrapped as it has been from day 1, the company is growing revenues by triple digits year-over-year and now employs over 20 people.

Headquartered just outside of Chicago, Verenia’s products are some of the most used in the enterprise software world.

We get it and we are here to help.

CPQ solutions have become an integral tool to make products easier for reps to sell and customers to buy, regardless of their complexity. That's why Forbes listed CPQ as one of the hottest enterprise apps of 2016.

To continue being relevant in a rapidly changing technology landscape, companies need to stay agile with their systems and processes to be more effective and more competitive. Verenia helps them do just that, while leading the industry in support and customer service.