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Benefits of CPQ

cpq will take your company to the next level

What Is CPQ?

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) software is designed for companies that offer a wide range of products and services and/or complex feature-rich products that need to be “configured”. CPQ makes quoting simple and fast with tools that automate pricing, provide instant validation, and use rules-based guided selling techniques to enhance the user experience. Upsell and cross-sell opportunities can be identified and presented as notifications or suggestions on the spot. Professional and accurate proposals can be delivered in a fraction of the time and with maximum efficiency.

Gain immediate benefits with CPQ:

  • Never train another sales rep again. New sales reps can start selling on day one.
  • Sell like Amazon. Provide your customers with the shopping experience they expect on your eCommerce site.
  • Guided selling eliminates spreadsheets and searching for part numbers. Increase in cross-sell and upsell selling opportunities.
  • Configure complex products and services, calculate dimensions, create dynamic BOM and routings, image generation (CPI) and create instant part numbers.

Why Do Companies Need CPQ

For companies that offer a wide range of products and services, it becomes increasingly difficult to make quoting and ordering fast and easy for customers. Sales and service reps cannot be trained and re-trained fast enough to keep up with ever-changing marketing campaigns, promotions, new product releases, etc. Salespeople face a losing battle when forced to memorize part numbering schemes or sift through massive catalogs. For companies that offer highly configurable products, the need to quote at the point of sale often requires a labor-intensive manual process. Double-checking for accuracy to prevent costly errors is yet another necessary evil that consumes valuable time and money.

Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever. Whether you’re a manufacturer, retailer, or wholesaler, chances are these obstacles are a part of your day to day business. Perhaps it’s time you consider exploring what CPQ can do for you.

CPQ requires an investment in time and energy. But the right CPQ will deliver a return on that investment that far exceeds expectations and literally pays for itself. Verenia’s CPQ will have you up and running in a fraction of the time required by traditional CPQ’s.

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect to see:     

  • 93% error reduction
  • 99% reduction in training
  • 105% larger deal size
  • 49% average prop volume
  • 19% higher lead conversion rate
  • 27% shorter sales cycle

CPQ By Verenia

Verenia’s lineup of CPQ solutions and services take the many challenges companies face head on, with tangible results that can be both observed and measured. Complex selling rituals give way to simple and intuitive guided-selling pathways directing sales and customers alike. Errors are eliminated with product expertise and intelligence built into the CPQ process via easy-to-master business rules. Verenia’s CPQ software becomes the product and process expert, allowing sales to do what they do best - sell.

Great savings can be realized on the operations end as well, where time and resources allocated to sales/product training can be reduced to a fraction of current levels. Verenia’s CPQ disrupts marketplaces and transforms companies by spurring innovation with unprecedented ability to respond to current trends and make needed alterations quickly. Verenia’s CPQ solutions empower businesses to be proactive when the opportunity presents, and reactive when the situation demands.

Business leaders need a CPQ, and Verenia is leading the industry. Here are the top reasons why Verenia outperforms all other CPQ’s:

  • Never look for part numbers again with Verenia’s Amazon-like guided selling user interface that can be set up in weeks, allowing users to configure, price, quote, and order from your entire catalog with literally NO training.
  • Reduce errors by 93% while eliminating the need to double and triple-check orders for accuracy, saving immense amounts of time and resources.
  • Let your customers immerse themselves in the experience with visualization tools that allow them to see the product built virtually before their eyes.
  • Dynamic pricing click-by-click, no matter how sophisticated or complex the algorithm, or how multi-layered the discounting scheme.

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Beyond a Quoting Machine: Real Benefits Of a CPQ and Product Configurator

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