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Create Custom 3D CAD Files, Drawings and Models of Configured Products in Seconds

Verenia 3D CAD works together with Verenia CPQ Product Configurator and all leading CAD systems to automate the generation of configuration-specific, detailed 3D CAD models, drawings, files and manufacturing information for individual customer quotes and orders.

By creating detailed CAD assets that are delivered directly to the shop floor, Verenia 3D CAD Design Automation will save your organization thousands or even millions of dollars by eliminating duplicate, repetitive engineering costs, streamlining the manufacturing process and cutting costs. .

All existing CAD File Types and Systems, including Solidworks and Autodesk are supported, so Verenia CAD plugs and plays with your CAD system out of the box.

The Superpowers of Verenia 3D's CAD Design Automation:

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Think about it. Can your manufacturing sales process save time with an accurate, always-ready 3D CAD system?

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Verenia's CAD Automation is Trusted by Awesome People

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See how your organization can  increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate your brand by using Verena's 3D CAD solution.
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