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Verenia In Action

Wondering what Verenia can do? Check out what actual companies have done with us!

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Case Studies

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Omnichannel Solution
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Bennington Marine

Check out this case study!

Bennington needed to ensure a top-quality service for their customers and needed to maintain an image of high standard. Verenia made that possible for all their new and returning customers.

Click here to see the Bennington Case Study.

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For Small Businesses
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Case Study: Parkhill

How Verenia's CPQ helped:

Park Hill needed a way to differentiate its brand within its network of third-party reps who also sell for other manufacturers. Verenia made it easier for these external, channel reps to do business with Park Hill so they position Park Hill products first versus other manufacturers. Click on the link below to see how Verenia’s Guided Selling application makes it quick and easy for Park Hill dealer reps to use a filter driven, B2C, Amazon-like buying experience to find products from their large catalog of simple products.   

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Enterprise Solution
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Platinum Stairlifts

Check out this case study!

Platinum is one of our NetSuite customers that required a NetSuite Native App. They were struggling with complex orders as well as integrating email, excel and microsoft ordering into one organized system. Verenia made implemented the change that brought them to where they are today. 

Click here to see the Platinum Case Study.

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