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Customer expectations are changing. Let Verenia guide you to success.

There's a reason that Verenia's line up of CPQ software is the most used and highest rated in the industry. It allows access for all your sales channels to login, configure, price and quote your products and solutions from any device with 100% Quote and Order Accuracy.

Verenia takes on the many challenges companies face, with tangible results that can be both observed and measured. Here are just some of the results that you can expect to see while using Verenia CPQ:

  • 117% Revenue Growth
  • 93% Error Reduction
  • 27% Shorter Sales Cycle
  • 99% Reduction in Training
  • 105% Larger Deal Size

Email: info@verenia.com

Address: 650 Warrenville Road
Suite #301
Lisle, IL 60532
Phone: 800.738.7760

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