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How CPQ Metrics and Reports Help Optimize Your Sales Process

We get it. Your old word processing software and spreadsheet system are comfortable like a well-worn pair of shoes, and your staff already knows how to use it. We hear you, but we’ve got some bad news: your current system could be costing you money. Cheer up- we’ve also got good news: evidence shows replacing existing spreadsheets and custom quoting systems can lead to significant business benefits. And companies often recoup their project investments often in less than a year’s time. More than 50 vendors currently offer CPQ (Configure Price Quote) solutions. And that number keeps growing as more tools hit the market. The solutions have demonstrable, bottom-line impacts that justify the investment in software, implementation and ongoing management.

How to Get Your Sellers to Adopt CPQ

Software that solves a problem practically sells itself.

It won’t be hard to sell your sales team on CPQ (Configure Price Quote) software. In fact, don’t be surprised if a sales rep approaches you first about investing in this kind of a solution. CPQ meshes perfectly with the goals of modern consultative sellers: giving customers what they want and how they want it, as opposed to pushy car salesman tactics that reek of social awkwardness.

How To Successfully Implement CPQ

Okay, so you pushed the button and gave a green light on moving toward quick, automated, and centralized quoting with CPQ software. The twinkles are swirling around in the air, and we see you about to wave your magic wand, but it’s a good thing we caught you in time to press the pause button and let you know there's still some work to be done to help the process go smoothly.