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3 Reasons Why a Manufacturer's Ecommerce Solution Needs CPQ

Brett Ames , May 20, 2020


Manufacturers have realized that providing customers B2B Ecommerce is a necessity to compete in the modern business landscape. However, they are faced with a two-fold challenge.

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Manufacturers need to offer online customers a simple, easy way to buy.


But they also need to sell complex products online that are often tailor-made, highly configurable, and customizable. An integrated CPQ solution, fully compatible with any B2B Ecommerce solution, is needed to accomplish this and achieve success. 

Providing a CPQ solution that integrates with any Ecommerce system is even more essential in the drastically, but likely permanently changed, Covid-19 world as more and more B2B buyers want to transact online. 


This solution meets users' remote buying needs and increases sales. Implementing a CPQ solution that works with your Ecommerce software has to be a priority for manufacturers. This solution also needs to support and optimize the selling of complex products. Great CPQ software does this. Manufacturing Ecommerce customers need to be able to configure complex products and receive price options easily and accurately. They then need to order the products they have configured like they would on Amazon.  


This is why CPQ is essential for a manufacturer who wants to sell online via an Ecommerce solution. 


Here are three reasons why an Ecommerce solution for a manufacturer isn’t complete without a fully seamlessly unified CPQ:


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1. CPQ Increases Ecommerce Sales for Manufacturers 

This is by far the most compelling reason. Ecommerce for B2C companies have driven many of the features and functions that are now the standard for B2B Ecommerce Sales Design. However, sales of complex, customizable, manufactured, physical products often involve thousands of possible attributes, creating millions of potential product configurations,and pricing and discounting combinations. 


Making these types of complex products easy to configure and buy go far and beyond the capabilities of a basic B2C Ecommerce platform. A custom-built CPQ working in conjunction with an Ecommerce solution is absolutely necessary for manufacturers who want, and need to sell online. This is why you should be looking into Ecommerce integration when you search for the right CPQ for you.


2. CPQ Eliminates Errors in the Ecommerce Ordering Process, Reducing Costs

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CPQ transforms a slow, manual, error-prone Ecommerce ordering process and transforms it into a streamlined, simple and B2C-type experience. For manufacturers who need to provide an Ecommerce solution, this produces a  significant return on investment, producing and delivering quotes on complex products to customers quickly but more importantly, accurately. This reduces errors in the manufacturing process, cutting costs.


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3. Confused B2B ECommerce Users Don’t Buy


A powerful, well designed, well implemented CPQ

 solution makes the customization of complex products simple and easy. This is essential for successful B2B Ecommerce for manufacturers.  When online customers cannot find what they’re looking for, when they don’t understand product options, or when pricing and/ or discounts are not immediately visible,  these customers abandon ship, and leave your shopping cart. Investing in a good B2B Ecommerce integration helps your whole team direct sales and show only the most up to date information.


With a great CPQ solution, buyers can quickly and easily price and configure orders, use 3D visualizations to depict the exact product they have configured online and only choose the product attributes and features that can be built by the manufacturer.

To learn more about Verenia and how our CPQ and Ecommerce tools can help you achieve amazing results for your business, please contact us at 800-738-7760.

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See how your organization can increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate your brand by using Verena's CPQ and CRM solutions
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