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The Secret to B2B Ecommerce Growth is Out!

Brett Ames , March 1, 2021


It's the new reality: B2B customers want to shop like B2C buyers. Providing your B2B customers with a seamless, user-friendly, and self-service ecommerce experience is a necessity to competing in today's manufacturing landscape.

The largest hurdle to overcome? The products you sell are complex, often tailor-made, and highly configurable. But manufacturers need to provide a simple way for prospects to buy.

The answer lies within the industry's leading sales technology: Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software.

An effective CPQ solution meets users' remote buying needs (increasingly popular in a world affected by COVID-19) and increases sales, and implementing a CPQ solution that works with your ecommerce software must be a top priority. 

At Verenia, we know that operating without a fully, seamlessly-unified CPQ in today's world is risky. We've recognized the gap and transformed manufacturing businesses with CPQ implementation. Here are the three reasons why it's a must-have:


1. CPQ Increases Ecommerce Sales 

This is, by far, the largest opportunity for manufacturers, and it's pretty straightforward. As mentioned previously, B2C experiences are driving many of the features and functions that are becoming standard for B2B ecommerce. But the roadblock happens when the sales of complex, customizable, manufactured, physical products often involve thousands of possible attributes, creating millions of potential product configurations and pricing and discounting combinations.

Making these types of complex products easy to configure and buy is the strongest source of conversion growth. A custom-built CPQ working in conjunction with an ecommerce solution is absolutely necessary for manufacturers who want and need to sell online. 

3 reasons image 2


2. CPQ Eliminates Errors in the Ordering Process

One of the many hidden sales costs within a manufacturing industry's selling process is inaccurate orders.

CPQ technology transforms a slow, manual, error-prone ecommerce ordering process and transforms it into a streamlined, simple, and B2C-type experience. Not only can you better serve your prospective buyers, but you can rest assured knowing and trusting that the orders your business is processing are accurate every time.

Making this transition produces a significant return on investment, producing and delivering quotes on complex products to customers with fast turnaround times and guaranteed accuracy.

3 reasons image 33. Confused Users Don’t Buy

When online customers can't find what they’re looking for, don’t understand product options, or when pricing and discounts are't immediately visible, these customers often abandon ship and look to your competitors who are offering a better customer experience. 

With a well-designed CPQ solution, buyers can quickly and easily price and configure orders, use 3D visualizations to depict the exact product they have configured online, and only choose the product attributes and features that can be built by the manufacturer.

Don't spend another day missing out on the potential customers that prefer a self-service type of buying experience. Adjusting your ecommerce strategy to match their ideal way to buy your product is a necessity. The best part? Using a CPQ to offer this ecommerce experience ensures that the process results in completely accurate and reliable quotes. Eliminate errors, reduce costs, shorten turnaround times, and increase your sales. 


See the Top-Rated CPQ in Action

Verenia's CPQ technology has been the go-to option for manufacturing CPQs for years. Our innovative technology enhances your front-office operations immediately upon implementation. To learn more about how Verenia can immediately increase your ecommerce sales and see a behind-the-scenes tour, schedule a demo today.


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See how your organization can increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate your brand by using Verena's CPQ and CRM solutions
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