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3 Tips To Improve Your Manufacturing Customer Service Experience

Angelica L. Cox , July 22, 2018

A poor customer service experience occurs when a client experiences a problem somewhere in the sales process. These are problems such as dealing with an order that was shipped with the wrong items, an incorrect quote or poor communication from a misinformed sales rep.

Whatever the problem, any time that a client has a customer service problem it's going to tarnish your companies image and sour a valuable client relationship.


The best business tool that you can adopt to reduce these problems and make your customer service shine is a CPQ system.  A CPQ (Configure Price Quote) system will centralize all of your product information and business and price logic into a single location. This gives your sales team the information they need to keep your clients happy and make them want to keep buying your products.

Let's look at the three most common customer service problems that are solved by a CPQ system

"Where's My Quote?" - Your Quoting System is Too Slow

A buyer that approaches a manufacturer has typically contacted several other manufacturers and requested quotes from them. This means that you're in a race to get your quote to the buyer as rapidly as you can. The first quote the buyer receives is likely to be the one they follow up on first and buy from.

Your quotes may be slow for the following reason:

  • They are created from price and product information spread across spreadsheets, emails, documents and even paper binders. 
  • They require reviewing and signing off before they can be sent out.
  • They are made manually every time by each sales rep.

A CPQ system keeps all of your product and pricing information in a single location. Your sales rep uses a standard interface and can create a quote instantly that will automatically include any volume discounts, market based prices and a full bill of materials.

There is also no need to review and sign off on quotes because the rules you put into the CPQ means that the sales rep can't make mistakes such as quote for incompatible product combinations. 

The system is so quick that the potential client can have the quote emailed them before the sales call ends. 

"This Isn't What We Discussed" - Error Free Quotes

When a quote is sent out to a client it needs to be free from any errors. These errors could be any of the following:

  • Incorrect quantities, prices, discounts or products.
  • Incompatible product specifications or combinations.
  • Errors caused by using old quote templates e.g. a different companies information.
  • Shipments differing from quotes.

A good CPQ system will dramatically reduce and/or eliminate these errors because the system will automatically check for incompatibilities, prices, discounts etc. It will also generate a professional looking quote for each client without the chance for incorrect information to be accidentally included. 

Once the client accepts the quote, it is automatically moved to the manufacturing or shipping dept without requiring any manual input by the sales rep. This ensures your clients receive exactly what they ordered.

"I'm Going To Have To Get Back To You On That" - Inadequate Sales Representative Knowledge

Manufacturers often make products that have a substantial number of different specifications, color, and materials. Further complicating matters are volume discounts, export duties and different prices in different markets. Ensuring that every member of your sales team knows your products used to mean a great deal of expensive and time-consuming training.

These days a CPQ system removes the need for lengthy training and memorization of the product range. Your sales team will have instant access to every product with every specification and get an accurate price no matter what combination the client wants.

Verenia - A World Class CPQ Solution

Verenia produces the best CPQ solution available to manufacturers today. As soon as you implement the Verenia CPQ you can start to avoid the most common customer service issues making your customers happy by creating a profitable relationship with them.

The Verenia CPQ includes:

  • A product configurator
  • A guided selling process
  • Instant quote and proposal generation
  • Error checking logic
  • An Amazon-like omni-channel sales portal website

Get in contact with the CPQ specialists at Verenia today and start making your clients happy.


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See how your organization can increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate your brand by using Verena's CPQ and CRM solutions
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