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These 4 Techniques are the Future of Manufacturing Sales

Ron Lilek , August 24, 2021
What’s on the horizon for manufacturing sales and how technology plays a part


It’s no secret that manufacturing sales are complicated.


The industry’s technology is continuously evolving to meet both the wants and needs of consumers. Advancements in smart manufacturing are allowing customers to buy more complex products without enduring lengthy production times and paying high prices for configuration.

Luckily for manufacturers and sales reps, there are tools available to keep you up-to-speed in this ever-evolving industry.

Continue reading to learn about four of the top manufacturing sales techniques that will help you accelerate sales and thrive in today’s market landscape.


1. Improve Customer Service with CRM Software

One way to get ahead is by utilizing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to make sure your customer service efforts do not get bogged down by the siloing of information. For buyers, slow and inefficient customer service is a deal breaker.

CRM software can provide everyone involved in the sales process with a real-time view of all associated activity. It can also provide a platform for launching marketing campaigns and tracking customer response.

Today, having this type of “digital hub” is all-important. When information is siloed within different platforms, errors, delays, and customer frustration can ensue. Having a 360-degree view of all sales and service-related activity maintained in a single, standardized platform can increase your sales, promote customer retention, and thus add to your bottom line.

CRM software is also necessary for manufacturers wishing to pursue a Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory strategy.

JIT inventory management allows businesses to cut costs by ensuring adequate supplies are always on hand without warehousing huge stores of inventory. When working within a JIT model, the CRM gives supply planners a real-time view of product demand, allowing them to increase or decrease production accordingly. The information gleaned from a CRM integrated with your transaction system can speed up production (increasing customer satisfaction) and reduce inventory costs (increasing CFO satisfaction.)

Verenia CRM software is the only CRM built specifically for manufacturers and distributors. It connects customers to the sales team and the seller’s customer satisfaction professionals. With its 360-degree sales activity hub, seamless ERP integration, and connectivity to any email system, everyone involved in the sales cycle can work with the single version of the truth it provides.

In addition, Verenia CRM offers time-saving solutions like Live Quotes and materials forecasting. With Verenia, customers can convert a quote into an order with just one click, and production quantities can be adjusted to meet demand.


2. Accelerate Productivity with CPQ

Don’t let your sales process fall victim to the wasted time and error-prone nature of the traditional, manual product configuration process. CPQ (Configure Price Quote) software can make configuring products fast and easy, regardless of product complexity, and will be 100% accurate, 100% of the time.

Sales reps will no longer have to manually contact engineers, adjust for customizations, calculate complicated pricing, or even manually create quotes. CPQ software enables sales representatives to focus on selling, not juggling spreadsheets; and, by providing immediate and accurate product configurations, the sales cycle is shortened and margins are protected.

If your business manufactures highly-customizable and configurable products and utilizes a make-to-order approach, CPQ will enable your company to sell more while avoiding the accumulation of dead stock. Verenia CPQ helps sales reps by creating faster, error-free orders. Plus, it is the only CPQ specifically crafted for manufacturers and distributors. Its omnichannel sales capabilities create a seamless buying experience that will make customers want to buy from you again and again.

Verenia CPQ customers on average have realized a 93% decrease in order errors and a 49% increase in average proposal volume. When complexity is eliminated and processes are streamlined, upselling becomes easier. Verenia CPQ supercharges your sales process and grows your bottom line.


3. Cut Costs with 3D Product Imaging.

There is no better way to provide accurate, interactive product visualizations than with 3D designs and images.


Customers and manufacturers can get a completely accurate, virtual view of their product before materials and money are wasted on a seemingly endless succession of prototypes.

In addition to using 3D visualization, engineers and designers can also send CAD models directly to the shop floor once an order is confirmed, thanks to Verenia’s CAD Automation functionality. This eliminates repetitive engineering efforts and speeds up production, creating optimized sales and production cycles.

Verenia 3D works in tandem with Verenia CPQ to craft detailed models that cost less to build, and move through the manufacturing process more smoothly.

Visual planning allows for manufacturers to add these 3D images to their website, creating an immersive visual experience for online buyers.

Additionally, Verenia 3D augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) and other product configurator features can help businesses save time with exactly-scaled, error-free measurements and configurations. And, to ensure data integrity and security, Verenia resides securely in the cloud


4. Save Valuable Time with B2B Ecommerce

If manufacturers are not taking advantage of selling online, they’re missing out on an opportunity to increase sales and save valuable time. And, they’re missing out on the biggest buying trend of our era.

Though B2B ecommerce was once thought of as high-risk or too complicated, modern technology allows manufacturers to provide a more B2C-like buying experience for their B2B customers. With 3D visual planning, CAD capabilities, and product configurator technology, the ability to sell highly-customizable manufactured products online has finally arrived.

Ecommerce allows customers to shop 24/7. In this global economy, that can be a differentiator. And, with the self-service nature of Verenia CPQ, B2B customers can even configure and price their own products.

Created specifically for the needs of manufacturers and distributors, Verenia offers B2B Ecommerce functionality that integrates seamlessly with all major ecommerce platforms, including Shopify and Magento. With Verenia, you have everything you need to sell online!


See the Future of Manufacturing Sales in Action

Schedule a demo and see how Verenia streamlines the sales process with a portfolio of applications including CRM, CPQ, Ecommerce, and 3D imaging that simplify the process for both sales teams and manufacturers today.

To learn more about Verenia and how our CPQ and Ecommerce tools can help you achieve amazing results for your business, please contact us at 800-738-7760.

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See how your organization can increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate your brand by using Verena's CPQ and CRM solutions
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