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6 Ways to Improve B2B Manufacturing with Marketing Automation

Brett Ames , November 28, 2019

Marketing automation can help companies in the business-to-business (B2B) manufacturing industry get better customer data, improve their customer experience, and boost sales.

Keep in mind, however, that marketing automation goes beyond sending out weekly email blasts to your customers.

It’s about creating a data-driven approach to your whole sales and marketing journey.

That’s why sophisticated sales tools like configure, price, quote (CPQ) software can actually help manufacturing companies enhance their marketing efforts. Here’s how!

What is Marketing Automation

The term “marketing automation” refers to software solutions that exist to automate repetitive marketing actions, such as sending emails and posting on social media.

However, it’s not just about sending out a discount code or promotional offer to your existing customers or posting a link to your newest blog post on Twitter.

If used correctly, marketing automation can be a powerful driver of change for B2B manufacturing companies.

You can (and should) use various marketing automation tools to build a data-driven approach to your business processes. Here’s why!

6 Reasons to Improve B2B Manufacturing with Marketing Automation

1. Improve conversions

Marketing automation tools are all about utilizing the customer data you already have at your disposal.

These tools can help you identify leads that are most likely to buy.

With marketing automation tools, instead of trying to prioritize prospects and manage their time on their own, your sales team could get a pre-sorted list of qualified leads to work on - without you having to do a single thing!

This will help you shorten the sales cycle and significantly improve conversions as you focus your efforts on where it matters most.

It can also help you reverse engineer a marketing and sales journey that leads the prospect from their first interaction to the final sale as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

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2. A stronger understanding of the target market

Marketing automation tools allow businesses to improve their messaging and communication by giving them access to data regarding what makes their customers tick.

You can analyze buyer intent and behavior and figure out how serious each customer is about choosing you as a vendor.

Armed with this data, your sales team will be able to have more meaningful sales conversations with your customers and take advantage of more upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

3. Improve sales and marketing alignment

When sales and marketing work together, your team’s productivity skyrockets.

If labor-intensive processes like email marketing are automated, your team can focus on other revenue-generating activities.

Plus, automation software makes it easier to share data across departments and hierarchical levels, which reduces inefficiencies and information bottlenecks.

It gives you a centralized view of your strategy and minimizes the duplication of efforts between marketing, sales, and other departments.

4. Optimize the customer experience

Marketing automation is key to creating a seamless customer journey through every step of your sales funnel.

It also reduces the time it takes to plan and execute campaigns at every stage of the sales journey, as well as contributes to the timely execution of these campaigns.

Plus, with automation software, you can create and scale an ongoing contact program across all buying stages, ensuring there are no lags in customer follow-ups.

All of this leads to a seamless brand experience that builds trust with potential customers and doesn’t leave any space for doubts or confusion during the sales journey.

5. Real-time analytics

Marketing automation software helps you analyze campaign performance with speed and efficiency.

Based on real-time analytics, you can change the course of your campaign or double down on your efforts to get the greatest return on investment possible.

6. Improve partner relationships

The right marketing automation software can also help you manage dealer and distributor relationships.

It can help you segment different channel partners based on business value, create individual distributor profiles, and more.

In addition, it can help you streamline your communications at scale based on pre-defined communication triggers.

How CPQ Software Improves B2B Marketing

Marketing automation is not just about sending promotional email messages to your customers.

It’s about creating a data-driven approach to your whole sales and marketing journey - something that CPQ software excels at.

CPQ software does not begin and end with a product configurator.

It acts as a sophisticated automation tool that lets B2B companies drill down into their customer interactions in incredible detail.

These detailed analytics can help you improve conversions by giving you a better understanding of the target market and helping you focus your resources on the leads that are most likely to buy from you.

This data can also aid in improving sales and marketing communication, boosting productivity across departments, and helping your marketing department collect more qualified leads to send to sales.

Further, it can help you identify new markets through the analysis of similarities between existing ones.

Finally, smooth supply chain relationships are key to maximizing manufacturing profits. The right CPQ software should include tools that help you communicate with your dealers and distributors.

How Verenia CPQ for Manufacturers Can Help

Our CPQ software was made with B2B manufacturers like you in mind - and it shows.

From giving you detailed analytics to improving partner communication, our CPQ software does it all.

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See how your organization can increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate your brand by using Verena's CPQ and CRM solutions
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