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Benefits of Using Quoting Software Made for NetSuite

Angelica L. Cox , October 15, 2018

In the Business to Business (B2B) world, taking a customer through the sales cycle can take months or even years.

But a sales organization that’s efficient, responsive and customer-oriented has an opportunity to shorten that cycle, close more deals and make your company’s operations more cost-effective.

If your company is a NetSuite user, you are halfway there.

The other half of the battle?

Making your sales processes smooth and efficient by shifting some of the sales action towards the customer.

Using a custom quoting software that’s integrated with NetSuite can help enhance NetSuite’s customer-centric capabilities. This gives your customers the ability to easily purchase your products and services.

With Verenia’s technology, it's possible. Our integrated CPQ software does just that - and more!

Why NetSuite Needs a CPQ Integration

NetSuite is a fantastic business management suite that encompasses everything from enterprise resource planning, to customer relationship management, to professional services automation.

What it lacks, however, is an integrated quoting software that helps sellers who offer highly customizable and feature-rich products provide complex quotes in an easy, efficient manner.

Following the same old sales processes like calling up a sales rep and browsing catalogs is time consuming. Today's customer has a need for speed and efficiency.

More and more businesses are looking for the ability to buy directly from vendors online. Whether you are a small or a large business, an integrated CPQ software can help you satisfy that desire and close more deals.

With custom quoting software, you will be able to:

  • Get more sales. Using a CPQ software makes it easy for customers to make a purchase. Self-quoting means there is no need for them to call a sales rep.
    • Plus, automated up-sell and cross-sell capabilities let you increase the average deal size and maximize profit. Using our custom quoting software can let you increase your average lead conversions by 19% and your deal size by 105%!
  • Shorten your sales cycle. CPQ software lets you eliminate errors that slow down your sales cycle. Plus, it automates steps that would usually be handled by sales reps, like creating proposals and dealing with warranty claims.
    • You can expect to see a 93% reduction in errors after getting started with our CPQ software. What could that kind of efficiency boost do for your business?
  • Spend less money on operations. Utilizing a UX-friendly CPQ software minimizes the costs of sales training while maximizing the productivity of your sales reps.

With Verenia’s all-in-one Sales Portal, companies can give B2B customers the same ease of use that B2C shopping experiences bring all while expanding the efficiency of sales teams.

Key Features of Verenia’s Quoting Software

Verenia’s custom quoting technology helps you increase sales by building on existing NetSuite features like order and supply chain management. It lets you manage complex configured products and services with ease.

  • Product configurator with up-selling and cross-selling capabilities and a simple, intuitive UX
    • Give your customers self-quoting capabilities (no more tiresome back-and-forth between your customers and your sales reps)
    • Show your customers the exact visual configuration they are going to get
    • Utilize complex rules and validations to show customers what types of products they can and cannot have
  • Self-service capabilities that go beyond getting a simple quote
    • Place error-free orders
    • Check the status of your order
    • Review order history
    • Submit a warranty claim
  • Interactive, branded custom proposal generator to increase the efficiency of your sales team
    • Clean, professional and interactive look
    • Ability to keep customers engaged by sending them to external documents and instructional videos
    • Minimal training required for your sales team
  • Amazon-like shopping experience for B2B customers that takes advantage of guided selling
    • Filters help users find the products and services that match their specific criteria
    • Suggested add-ons and recommendations before placing an order
    • Customizable deals and promotions make up-selling, cross-selling and taking advantage of special events easy
  • Easy dealer and distributor management that cuts out the middleman and gives customers the access they need
    • Set specific margins and pricing
    • Easily find specific SKUs in the Amazon-like interface
    • Generate documents such as user manuals and window stickers
    • Receive notifications of promotions, specials, and events
    • Resolve warranty claims
    • Order replacement parts
  • Built-in real-time integration with NetSuite
  • Standardized and repeatable sales processes
  • Extra features like ROI calculator and Energy Saving Calculator that can be used as a part of your marketing strategy

And the Best Part?

There are no hidden integration costs.

Unlike other similar products on the market, Verenia’s CPQ is 100% native to NetSuite, which means that it integrates seamlessly with your existing NetSuite setup, including SuiteCommerce and Advanced Customer Center.

So, are you interested in learning how to use custom quoting software to improve your sales management process, shorten your sales cycle and close more deals?

Request a free demo now.

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Request a Demo
See how your organization can increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate your brand by using Verena's CPQ and CRM solutions
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