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CPQ for Retail Brings True Value to Your Sales Training

Angelica L. Cox , August 23, 2018

Retail sales training is about learning to establish a relationship between the seller and the buyer. The seller listens to the buyer's needs and makes recommendations to satisfy them to avoid buyer's remorse and prevent the return of a product because it wasn't the best fit.

Too often, however, retail sales training focuses on extensive inventories, ever-changing sales discounts, or even store membership details. Staffing a store with qualified employees can be a challenge on its own, but rushing their training to put them on the floor as soon as possible can cause too many errors and missed opportunities.

The benefits of CPQ retail software extend beyond its Amazon-like interface, building products, exploring options, and real-time pricing updates. These advantages put product information and purchase control in the hands of both the customer and the salesperson, saving endless training hours on memorizing item numbers (SKUs) and using them on deepening product knowledge and authentic customer interaction.

CPQ Places Seller and Buyer on the Same Page

Educated shoppers resist inauthentic sales attempts. After their own research on your CPQ platform, they are ready for meaningful interaction with sales staff who understand the product and can make recommendations.

For example, say your business sells outdoor recreation equipment, and a customer is looking for a tent. The tents have extensive technical details, and there are product options for every camping scenario. Before the customer even enters the store, they can search your online inventory, using intuitive navigation and filtering options to capture the best handful of choices to fit their needs. Through this, they can satisfy technical questions (e.g., What is the tent material made of? What are the dimensions? Which climate is it most suited for?).

Meanwhile, the salesperson has spent training time exploring the tents in stock instead of memorizing sales procedures from training binders. They are enthusiastic about telling any customer how each tent feels. Is it sturdy? How well designed is the storage space? Is it easy or difficult to set up? These are the insights a customer appreciates when finalizing their decision.

CPQ Offers Valuable Upselling and Cross-Selling Opportunities

Customers tend to sell themselves on inexpensive items rather than on value or quality. They've been in that break-and-buy-again cycle so long it requires a salesperson with thorough product training to convince the customer how much they will save over time with an upgraded investment.

Customer: I only want cheap sunglasses because I always lose them.

Salesperson: If you are buying five pairs of ten dollar sunglasses per year, then it's more advantageous to buy the $40 brand with a $10 rope retainer to keep them around your neck. For sunglasses, an extra $30 goes a long way in added quality. They are designed to feel more comfortable on your face, and the visual quality is much more dynamic.

This is an example of an upsell and cross-sell that's mindful of a customer's best interests. These sales techniques are easy to develop with the advantage of a CPQ retail interface designed for both customer and sales team use. With CPQ's guided-selling features, a salesperson can take product matching even further, first by offering a choice they personally like, and then by directing the customer toward the inventory interface where they can explore more options.

Enhance Your Customer's Options and Your Rep's Skills

The benefit of Verenia's CPQ for customers is the freedom to search every available option with ease from anywhere at their own pace. The salespeople can also use the CPQ platform to increase their understanding of your products. Without the hours of learning out-of-date inventory and pricing systems, they can explore every detail of the product so they can think like a customer. That is the value of retail sales training.

Learn how Verenia can improve sales performance for retail through CPQ software.

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See how your organization can increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate your brand by using Verena's CPQ and CRM solutions
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