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CPQ Retail Software for Furniture

By Angelica L. Cox



If you have to drive somewhere new - and not easy to find - how many turns and street names can you keep in your head at once? How easily might you scribble down one wrong detail that will send you off course?

Fortunately, we have developed real-time, online mapping devices to guide us anywhere we want. 

Now let's talk about the complicated business of retail buying. Once it was bulky catalogues and overwhelmed sales reps. Then, even online, unorganized inventories and clunky interfaces could send purchases entirely off course.

Frustrations and errors too often lead to abandoned sales or, even worse, customer dissatisfaction with a company's service quality. 

CPQ: More Than One Direction 

Finally the same thinking - which has taken the errors and headaches out of location finding - has found its way to online purchasing platforms in the form of Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software.

Unlike bubblegum at the gas station, most of the valuable items that we buy - furniture, for example - demand a greater effort to polish off all the little details which make shopping an entirely rewarding experience. 

Furnishing a home should feel exciting, like a journey, and the more clearly we see the path, the more satisfying the destination. That is what CPQ software can do for your clients because it offers real-time product building, which allows buyers to see their product unfold before their eyes instead of jumbled up in their minds like complicated details do.

The Pleasant Surprises of Guided Selling

The first luxury of CPQ software that becomes apparent to customers is how easily they can see a single piece of furniture in multiple styles and colors develop on screen, along with instant and infallible pricing updates based on additions and modifications. 

But the real discovery of CPQ is how it allows customers to be guided in new optional directions which they may not have considered before - for instance, the suggestion of a throw blanket in the perfect color to accent their desired convertible sofa.

Suggestions like these, based on compatibility or trends, and visually available next to the intitial item, might even feel more organic to the customer than hearing it from the mouth of a sales rep, simply because there is not the added pressure to make a decision before they are absolutely sure about what they want.

The Omni-channel Advantage

Confident buying and selling is a two way street between the customer and the in-store sales rep. Obviously, the customer wants every tool at their disposal to make the best decision possible for their home or office. So too does the sales representative. 

A sales rep's goal is to be on the same plane as the customer, and they will benefit from the same luxury of organization and preparation CPQ offers their clients. A customer who has taken the time to develop a home furnishing plan online gives the in-store rep time to understand better their needs before they even set foot in the store.

Or, perhaps the customer doesn't intend to enter your store, but still desires the personal touch only a live sales rep can give them. With the Omnichannel option, they can connect with the in-store sales rep best suited to answer any questions they still might have. 

Verenia Eliminates The Tug of War of Traditional Retail Sales

When a software is capable of giving clients both guidance and control of their purchasing, while simultaneously preparing sales representatives to offer better customer service, why wouldn't you take advantage? Find out how Verenia CPQ software for retail can turn your purchasing platform into a positive journey for your customers!



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