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Verenia Live Quotes & the Evolution of the Proposal

Brett Ames , February 3, 2021

For the most part, digital transformation in general has arrived, or is pounding down the door of manufacturers. Adoption of sales automation software solutions has taken root and continues to gain momentum

in the manufacturing industry. Sales teams have realized massive collective ROI through the optimization that CRM/CPQ solutions provide. Front-end software digitally transforms almost all facets of the sales process. Customer, contact lead and opportunity management, quoting and product configuration are just a few examples. 

Manufacturers who run, or are considering, front-end solutions that contain Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and CRM realize that the ultimate output of the solution is the proposal. The proposal, or quote/bid document as it’s typically known, is delivered by the software to the customer electronically via email. This is old hat tech that all front-end systems typically provide. 

In all front-end systems but one, the proposal is in static PDF format. The PDF, the staid, static, virtually functionless PDF, remains the medium most often used for creating and delivering proposals to B2B buyers of manufactured products. Currently, a buyer’s RFP for, e.g., $10 million worth of custom pumps will typically get them ten static PDF proposals from ten manufacturers’ sales reps. Meanwhile, back in the digital age, a 16 year old can find, choose and buy a $100 video game on a mobile web store in a UI that gives him reviews, demo videos, chat and one-click purchase to support his buying UX.

This is the case, despite the fact that:
  • The proposal is the end, crucial client facing deliverable that sales automation solutions ultimately produce.
  • The PDF format is inherently static and doesn’t lend itself to interactivity between the creator/sender and the recipient.
  • A far superior medium for supporting interactive quotes and proposals, HTML, is and has been available for decades.

Live Quoting and Sales Proposal Software from Verenia

Verenia's leading edge front-end manufacturing solution has shifted this paradigm with Verenia Live Quotes. Live Quotes automates the creation of interactive HTML proposals that buyers can open and act on to purchase products with one click. Proposals created with Live Quotes transform the quoting and ordering process from a manual, time consuming one to a one click, immediately transactional, e-Commerce type experience. 

Live Quotes automates the quote-to-order-process by putting detailed quote data with an immediately transactional proposal in front of your customers. This results in increased sales and reduced costs by:

  • Shortening the sales cycle
  • Keeping sales and service people selling
  • Increasing lead conversions 
  • Creating a B2C buying experience for buyers

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The Live Quotes interactive quoting and proposal system comes out of the box with the Verenia front-end solution. It provides sales, service and external channel teams with a competitive advantage over other bids that are delivered in a static PDF. Live Quotes makes proposals and bid documents immediately actionable, and transactional.  

Verenia Live Quotes adds value to the front-end Verenia solution with:

  • Fully customizable HTML proposals that display full quoting information for all items, both configurable and non-configurable.
  • Interactive proposals with the capability for end buyers to acknowledge that they want to purchase and do so with a single click. 
  • Once acknowledged by the end-buyer, Quote are converted to Order and Closed Won in all systems- CPQ, CRM, as well as back-end systems like ERP.
  • After the Quote has been purchased by the end-customer and converted to an Order in the solution, a message is sent to the sales or customer service rep by the Verenia system.  
  • Customers can partially purchase selected items in a Live Quote.

A front end solution that can only deliver static PDF proposals is outdated. The technology and the demand has evolved. The immediate, actionable, B2C buying experience is driving customer demand in the B2B world to produce quotes and orders that are dynamic. Manufacturers who sell B2B need to evolve as well in order to compete. Verenia Live Quotes instantly evolves manufacturers' proposals, give their salespeople a competitive advantage over with modern, interactive proposals.


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See how your organization can increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate your brand by using Verena's CPQ and CRM solutions
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