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How to Improve Order Management with CPQ for NetSuite

Angelica L. Cox

Sales order management is a big part of any NetSuite setup. The process of taking, approving, scheduling, tracking, fulfilling and being paid for orders can be very complex for companies of all sizes. This makes order management software an absolute necessity.

NetSuite’s Advanced Order Management functionality gives you visibility into this process, and automates tasks. This feature ensures that you are hitting defined service levels and keeping your customers happy.

However, customer expectations are growing. More businesses want are to buy directly from vendors online instead of going through a complicated sales process.

Therefore, businesses that manage complex product configurations may also need to consider adding CPQ (custom price quoting) software to their existing NetSuite setup.

Key Features of NetSuite Order Management

  • Gross profit analysis. This provides you with real-time costing and gross profit information, calculates commissions based on sales performance and lets you trigger approvals based on company policies
  • Workflow approval tools. The tools interact with all other records, transactions, and forms within NetSuite to allow you to easily handle complex, multi-tier approval hierarchies
  • Easy configuration for companies of all sizes. This allows you to define user permissions and automate transitions from quoting to ordering to shipping

Maximize Your NetSuite Investment with CPQ Software

Adding CPQ software to your company toolkit can help you maximize your NetSuite investment, and take advantage of the benefits NetSuite order management systems provide.

  • Self-quoting. Managing complex product configurations has never been this easy! Instead of spending hours on a sales call, your customers can simply use Verenia CPQ intuitive self-quoting interface to pick and choose product configurations on their own.
  • Amazon-like shopping experience. In addition to providing your customer with an easy way to get a quote, you can take advantage of our guided selling tools like recommended add-ons and promotion bundles to increase the average deal size by as much as 105%
  • Reduced error rates. With Verenia CPQ for NetSuite, you can reduce errors and inaccuracies in your quotes by 93%.
  • Reduced training costs. Our clean, intuitive interface lets you eliminate 99% of your sales training costs. Your new sales reps can start selling the second they walk through the door!

No matter how complex the product or service, Verenia CPQ for NetSuite gives customers a fast, efficient, and personalized experience which helps you retain current customers and generate more business directly from your website.

Why Choose Verenia CPQ for NetSuite

Verenia’s CPQ is the only CPQ software that is 100% native to NetSuite, which means there are no hidden integration costs for you to worry about.

It integrates seamlessly with your existing NetSuite setup, including SuiteCommerce Advanced and Advanced Customer Center.

Want to see it in action? Schedule a free demo.

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