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CPQ for Manufacturing: A New Approach to Sales Training

Angelica L. Cox , June 5, 2018

Have you dreamed about having software that shortens time spent in manufacturing sales training?

Want to train your sales team about products WHILE they learn the software?

Fortunately, with the interactive quality of today's selling software, you are no longer required to dedicate long hours towards complicated program training.

Your sales team can be trained in a way that allows your company to be on the cutting edge of the manufacturing industry without sacrificing quality, accuracy or an effective sales training program.

Sales Teams Drive Sales 

The sales team is important to any manufacturing company. They are responsible for converting leads to paying customers and maintaining long-term customer relationshipsThis critical function requires clear communication and trust.

In order for your sales reps to be effective, they must be able to:

  • Assemble product configurations that accurately reflect the client’s needs,
  • Answer both technical and pricing questions as they come up, and
  • Deliver the kind of customer service that fosters client trust.

Higher conversion rates and customer retention are essential to your company’s profitability and growth.

Configure, price, quote (CPQ) software can enhance the sales team's ability to achieve this.

CPQ Removes Traditional Training Burdens for Sales Staff

The inclusion of CPQ selling software for manufacturers offers a valuable alternative to hours spent: 

  • Learning complicated programs, 
  • Relying on chunky inventory binders and one-dimensional spreadsheets, and
  • Making cumbersome final product quotes (vulnerable to miscalculations).

Beyond just lifting training pressure from a new employee’s shoulders, they will soon discover the advantages of CPQ-guided upselling and cross-selling opportunities that add true value to their client’s original purchase while increasing their individual sales averages. 

CPQ Visuals Remove Excessive Training Hours

CPQ organizes your inventory into a visual platform, using component icons within the configuration imagery so that your sales team can easily assemble complex products to the customer’s specifications. 

The advantage of visualization lets both sales rep and customer see the product instantly unfold before their eyes. The accompanying icon interface allows them to make component swaps for comparison.

Because product configuration is organized into visual components ahead of time and instantly usable from the first day, sales reps are free from both extra hours of software training and bulky inventories.

Additionally, those hours saved on new sales rep training means time saved for their managers and those responsible for bringing them up to speed with your company’s sales process.

CPQ Directly Engages New Sales Reps 

With CPQ instant use, sales reps can utilize the limited amount of time they do have directly engaged with your products. New employees can interact with your product selection virtually, and see what the customer sees from day one. 

When you can put your sales reps directly in the customer’s seat, you simultaneously put them in the driver’s seat.

Automated Price Quoting Keeps Training Focused on the Customer

CPQ’s automated and instant price updating feature will further reduce training hours by eliminating time spent looking up prices bill of materials (BOM) calculations. Detailed quote calculations, when done by hand, are vulnerable to calculation errors, reflecting poorly on both your sales rep and your company.

Quote calculation errors can be reduced by 93% with the addition of CPQ to your manufacturing and sales process.

Recalibrate Your Sales Training

Verenia's CPQ interface is wholly intuitive for any user. A new member to your sales team will be relieved to find that they are not responsible for focusing on overly technical software which will distract them from their ability to focus on customer concerns.

As they begin interacting with the visual configuration -- simultaneously becoming familiar with your products -- they will build confidence in their ability to sell your products with passion.

Your company’s sales training goal should not only be to reduce excessive (and expensive) training hours -- but to help your sales reps feel like experts from day one. 

Our CPQ software can help you recalibrate your sales training approach so that you gain maximum value from as few training hours as possible. 

Learn how Verenia can improve sales performance for manufacturers through CPQ software.

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See how your organization can increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate your brand by using Verena's CPQ and CRM solutions
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