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How to Maximize NetSuite Customization Features with CPQ

By Angelica L. Cox

The customization features available in NetSuite business management solutions can lead to a company’s greatest strength and its greatest weakness.

If you want to optimize your business operations for maximum profit, you will need to find ways to customize NetSuite to fit your company’s unique needs.

However, too much customization can also be detrimental to the efficiency of your company’s systems and processes.

In this article, we will explore the main ways you can take advantage of customization features available in NetSuite while sidestepping the software’s main customization-related weaknesses.

The Strengths of NetSuite Customization

If implemented correctly, the ability to customize every aspect of your operations is what can really separate your company from the competition.

If you can think of an innovative way to do something, chances are, you can do it in NetSuite.

The same cannot be said for other business management solution providers.

By definition, NetSuite is not an out-of-the-box solution, which means it can deliver incredible results for users that know how to take advantage of its customization features.

It can make your company’s growth limitless - or severely limit your capacity to operate efficiently.

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The Weaknesses of NetSuite Customization

The main weaknesses surrounding NetSuite customizations are associated with conceptualization and implementation.

It all starts with conceptualizing businesses processes and relating them to NetSuite features.

Given unlimited flexibility, can you conceptualize a scalable, repeatable solution that’s better than what’s already out there?

If not, it may be helpful to supplement these NetSuite features with third-party integrations that have already done the big-picture conceptualizing work.

Another issue is that tailoring NetSuite to your needs can become very costly.

A full implementation team responsible for configuring features, basic workflows, and user-defined scripts does not come cheap.

On many occasions, taking advantage of NetSuite’s highly flexible integration capabilities will be a cheaper, more efficient way to customize your operations.

How to Take Full Advantage of NetSuite Customization Features

The right third-party integration can be a cost-effective way to make NetSuite’s customization features work for your unique needs.

For example, if you deal with complex, configurable products and employ complex pricing matrices, configure, price, quote (CPQ) software provides a speedy, efficient solution to common quoting issues.

It can be incredibly difficult to conceptualize and implement an error-free quoting and ordering process if each of your products has thousands of variations.

A good CPQ integration takes care of all of that for you, shortening your sales cycle, increasing revenue, and eliminating costs associated with quoting errors.

How Verenia CPQ Can Help

Including the right third-party integrations in your customization plan can help you sidestep the weaknesses associated with NetSuite customization.

Did you know that Verenia CPQ for NetSuite is the only CPQ software on the market that´s 100% native to NetSuite?

This means you can take advantage of all NetSuite features while using our CPQ application - and sleep soundly knowing it won't crash after an incompatible system update.

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