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NetSuite SuiteCommerce vs SuiteCommerce Advanced

Brett Ames , November 11, 2020

“Many manufacturers overlook the importance of engaging in an ecommerce model saying they sell to distributors or wholesalers, so it doesn’t benefit them. That isn’t entirely true though.

While you’re spending time negating the effectiveness of ecommerce, you could be enhancing your relationships and meet your customers at the start of their buying journey-- online.”

- California Manufacturing Technology Consulting

Manufacturers need to offer online customers a simple, easy way to self-service buy. A leading ecommerce solution increases sales for manufacturers by extending their channel to buyers who need self-service to accelerate their buying process.

For NetSuite manufacturing customers, the perfect ecommerce solution is a NetSuite SuiteCommerce system, which are customizable NetSuite ecommerce solutions that work hand-in-glove with NetSuite ERP. 

Also, manufacturers also need to sell configurable products online that are often tailor-made, highly configurable and customizable. Verenia for NetSuite provides the industry’s leading product configuration solution and is 100% Native to NetSuite. So Verenia works out of the box with SuiteCommerce, like it does with all of NetSuite’s solutions, without any third-party software or integration costs. If you sell configurable products, Verenia for NetSuite transforms a slow, manual, error-prone self-service ecommerce buying process into a streamlined, simple and B2C-type buying experience.

Below are the NetSuite ecommerce options and their features and capabilities: 

NetSuite Sitebuilder

Sitebuilder is a legacy, native to NetSuite ecommerce solution that is being slowly phased out. It is no longer available to new customers, provides a basic website template that offers limited customization as well as a shopping cart and gateway functionality, and some shipping integrations.

SuiteCommerce Options

“We interrogate things about what is the best experience for the customer.”- Kunal Bahl, Founder and CEO of Snapdeal

NetSuite customers have two options when licensing and implementing SuiteCommerce. The first option is the solution that used to be called SuiteCommerce Standard but is now known simply as SuiteCommerce (SC). The second option is SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA), which is a premium version of the SuiteCommerce ecommerce solution. 


SuiteCommerce provides similar capabilities to SuiteCommerce Advanced and is the right answer for most NetSuite customers. As of the 2020.1 release, SC is now on the same platform as SC Advanced, so any third-party software integrations that SC customers (who are up to date on 2020.1) should work on SCA, and vice versa. Verenia for NetSuite is of course 100% NetSuite native, so no integration is required.

SC features responsive design, HTTPS, is SEO optimized and provides fairly robust customization capabilities. Customers who come into the implementation process with SC with a well-thought-out, modern theme can craft their webstore to match their brand and have ecommerce up and running fairly quickly. From-scratch webstore building isn’t in the offering yet, but drag and drop capabilities in the back-end toolset are, so a branded, fairly unique customer webstore experience is doable and fairly easy. These tools also make site updates and maintenance convenient, even for non-technical personnel.

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From a marketing perspective, cross-sell, up-sell, advanced and faceted searches, email integration, and coupons are all supported. 

SC unifies ecommerce with NetSuite inventory and order management, customer support and financials – providing the single view of customer, orders, inventory and other critical business data that make using a SC ecommerce solution so appealing to NetSuite customers.

SuiteCommerce appears to be priced at $2499/month out of the box. 

Reviews have been mixed to good. Customers like the ease of use and speed to entry of the solution. 

SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA)

SCA provides premium capabilities that SC does not support and is the right answer for NetSuite customers with a unique vision for their webstore, larger budgets and a strong internal NetSuite/ecommerce team. The launch of SCA actually predates the launch of SC by four years-- SCA was released in 2013 and SC (then known as SCS) was announced in 2017.

There is no denying that the capabilities, particularly around customization, of SCA are extremely strong. Customers are not limited by a template and can build their webstore from scratch. The customization of virtually any element in the store is supported. Developers have complete access to the code. SCA’s Commerce Extension Framework allows external web applications to interface with the core commerce platform, which allows developers to build and deploy custom applications, providing for complete extensibility. 

SCA adds marketing optimization tools, product reviews, social sharing, promotion management tools, product comparisons and pop up campaigns, executed with the Oracle Bronto Marketing Platform, to SC’s marketing capabilities. Customers can also customize all URL’s and meta tags for targeted keywords.

One platform supports both individual (B2C) and business (B2B) customers.

SuiteCommerce appears to be priced at $4999/month out of the box, so double the SaaS investment versus SC. 

Reviews have been mixed. Customers have commented that the back-end is lacking user friendliness and it is difficult to recoup the high price-tag of SCA. Some SCA customers have also found that a NetSuite partner with SCA specific experience is needed to successfully implement SCA. 

No matter which SuiteCommerce solution is right for your unique business and eCommerce needs, Verenia for NetSuite’s 100% Native to NetSuite will work with it out of the box. Verenia for NetSuite industry’s leading product configuration solution extends SuiteCommerce, cutting the time needed to configure products and add them to the shopping cart down from hours or even days to seconds, increasing sales.


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See how your organization can increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate your brand by using Verena's CPQ and CRM solutions
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