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What is NetSuite Advanced Bill of Materials?

Brett Ames , September 26, 2020

First, let's look at what a Bill of Materials is, and how it works with CPQ to help your business succeed. A Bill Of Materials (BOM) is a list of the quantities of raw materials, assemblies, sub-component parts and associated quantities of these parts that will be needed to create a given Item in a Quote or Order.

In a manufacturing environment, at one or multiple facilities, BOMs are typically used to fulfill orders in back-end systems, i.e. ERP.

CPQ creates and adds configured items to Quotes and Orders within NetSuite. Only valid attribute combinations can be configured, priced and added to a Quote or Order. 

What is Advanced BOM in NetSuite?

NetSuite’s Advanced Bill of Materials (ABOM) is a feature in NetSuite that extends the standard BOM functionality of the application. The Advanced BOM replaces the off-the-shelf NetSuite Assembly/Bill of Materials record.  

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With NetSuite Advanced Bill of Materials, you can:

  • Copy existing BOMs and create new BOMs
  • Use a single BOM across multiple assemblies
    • For example, multiple bicycle frame sizes could all use the same wheel assembly BOM.
  • Assign multiple BOMs to a single assembly
  • Apply unique BOMs to various stages of the product life cycle
    • For example, an engineering BOM, a production BOM, and a subcontracting BOM.
  • Copy existing Manufacturing Routings and create new routings
  • Designate a default BOM for an assembly, or select an assembly default BOM for a location
    • For example, a bicycle assembly produced in Canada uses BOM CA. When the company starts producing the same bicycle in the U.S., the system can start using the BOM U.S.
  • Supports multiple versioning of a BOM with different effective start and end dates

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How Verenia CPQ Works with NetSuite ABOM

During the implementation of your Verenia solution, Verenia’s Solutions team will leverage the combined capabilities of the two systems to implement the combined Verenia/NetSuite ABOM solution. 

This means that Verenia’s CPQ for NetSuite requires no third-party software to work with any application in the Verenia or NetSuite ecosystems, including ABOM. Native to NetSuite means that Verenia CPQ eliminates maintenance costs and increases ROI on both the ERP and CPQ spend.

As the only native CPQ solution for NetSuite, Verenia’s CPQ is easy to use and maintain, providing error-free product configurations that enable users to configure products and send detailed BOMs and routing to any NetSuite system, including NetSuite Advanced Bill of Materials. The application ensures that the latest product information is always available for users to accurately produce quotes and orders. Users can configure products quickly and seamlessly within the NetSuite ecosystem.

Manufacturers who use NetSuite, and which make and sell complex, configurable products need NetSuite’s Advanced BOM functionality. But these same manufacturers also need Verenia’s native to NetSuite CPQ software as an essential add-on to maximize sales, reduce costs and fully realize the ROI on their investment.

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See how your organization can increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate your brand by using Verena's CPQ and CRM solutions
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