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Why Manufacturers Don't Like Salesforce

Brett Ames , October 28, 2020


In today’s competitive business environment, manufacturers need a complete, robust front-end sales solution that is specifically designed to help internal and external sales reps quote and sell discrete, manufactured, highly configurable products quickly and easily, increasing sales. A modern solution that is specifically built for the unique needs of manufacturing is the only viable, sound option.

Verenia provides a complete solution that combines CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), CRM and Ecommerce functionality that was built for manufacturing and continues to be developed and enhanced with manufacturers’ specific needs in mind.  In contrast, Salesforce has only recently attempted to shift its focus to specifically address manufacturing.

SMB manufacturers need a solution like Verenia, which has been custom built and continues to be developed and enhanced to meet their unique needs, and where Salesforce falls down. Below are some features and capabilities that Verenia has developed and built specifically for manufacturers and that increase sales, reduce costs and that you won’t find in Salesforce.

Verenia is custom built for manufacturing. The solution produces 100% accurate quotes for complex, configurable, discrete products, but it also features Dynamic Bills of Materials (BOMs) and Routings that are delivered to the shop floor to streamline the manufacturing process. Verenia’s 3D Visualization capabilities augment and enhance the sales process while CAD File and Drawing creation is supported to make manufacturing more efficient.

A True Omnichannel Solution

Verenia solution supports all of your channels, to maximize sales. Manufacturers who sell through both internal sales teams, as well as external dealer resellers are supported with tools that allow the manufacturer to collaborate with external reps to optimize their sales. Verenia’s Ecommerce solution works with any third-party shopping cart provider, including Magento, Shopify and NetSuite.

Never Train Another Salesperson Again

Verenia reduces training time down from months to virtually nothing by making the complex process of quoting, configuring and ordering complex manufactured products easy, and error-proof, so your salespeople can quote and sell like experts on their first day. 

Verenia CPQ

The industry leading Verenia CPQ product configurator allows your reps to configure items with 100% accuracy 100% of the time. The business logic written into the platform prevents configuration errors, saving thousands of dollars  on double and triple checks and reworking orders. Verenia CPQ configures products and services, calculates dimensions, supports dynamic pricing which can calculate profit margins and commissions, generates customer-specific pricing, and quantity discounts, as well as creates bills of materials (BOMs) and routings. These features are all needed for a front-end manufacturing solution and none of them are available in out of the box Salesforce.

Verenia 3D/CAD 

Verenia 3D In Browser Visualization

Verenia CPQ’s out of the box, in-browser 3D Visualization capabilities augment and enhance the manufacturing sales process. Detailed 360°, rotatable 3D images create value-add 3D sales deliverables to salespeoples’ arsenals that make their products sexier and easier to sell, and would otherwise be too costly to produce in-house and are unavailable in Salesforce out of the box.

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Verenia 3D CAD File and Drawing Creation

Verenia CPQ features a 3D CAD Design Automation application that automates the generation of configuration-specific detailed 3D models and outputs them in any CAD format, within any CAD application. Detailed CAD drawings, and manufacturing information are delivered to the shop floor which cuts lead time and reduces costs. Verenia’s CAD solution saves customers thousands or even millions of dollars eliminating duplicate, repetitive engineering costs by increasing the efficiency of the manufacturing process. This is another feature that is essential for manufacturers that Salesforce doesn't offer out of the box.

Verenia Guided Selling

Verenia Guided Selling is an omnichannel sales acceleration and tool for accessing digital catalogs that contain non-configurable products. Guided selling makes it quick and easy for customers’ internal and external sales reps to use powerful filtering tools that can leverage any data field in their ERP, providing a B2C, Amazon-like buying experience to find products from their large digital catalog of non-configurable items. 

Verenia CRM

The Verenia omnichannel CRM solution increases sales by streamlining the sales quoting process for manufacturers.  It does more than give sales managers visibility into sales activity. It helps internal and external dealer salespeople sell more efficiently, and more effectively, providing a 360° view of all customer activity- quotes, orders, changes in any customer record. 

The CRM module within the Verenia solution supports omnichannel sales teams- internal, and external dealer channel sales. Verenia CRM and CPQ are both Verenia Native, so they work together out of the box to dynamically configure customizable products and add them to quotes and orders in the CRM. Verenia CRM also integrates with any third party email system to prevent email siloing.

Verenia Live Quotes

Verenia Live Quotes is an out of the box module that extends Verenia CRM and streamlines the sales cycle by transforming the quoting process from a manual, time consuming one to a one click, immediately transactional, e-Commerce-like experience. Live Quotes gives manufacturing salespeople the ability to deliver interactive emails with quotes that end customers can interact with, acknowledging that they want to move the Quote to an Order and delivering that message to the sales rep in the Verenia system, turning a Quote to an Order with a single click.

Verenia eCommerce

Manufacturers need to offer online customers a simple, easy way to self-service buy. Verenia’s eCommerce solution increases sales for Manufacturers by extending their channel to online consumers. Verenia integrates with any third-party shopping cart solution, like Magento, Shopify and NetSuite SuiteCommerce, extending the shopping cart to enhance the online buying experience with Verenia CPQ’s industry leading configurator. .

Salesforce has had much well documented success serving large, enterprise customers in the services and financial sectors. However, small to mid-size manufacturers need a solution like Verenia, which has been custom built  and continues to be developed and enhanced to meet their unique needs.

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See how your organization can increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate your brand by using Verena's CPQ and CRM solutions
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