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Why Do Manufacturers Need CPQ (Configure Price Quote)?

Increasing the order size
The number one goal of the hundreds of manufacturers we have worked with is increasing the average size of the order placed at their factory.

How do you accomplish that?
One way is to provide buyers with a simple tool that shows them the savings in discounts that they will acheive by ordering higher quantities.

Higher order sizes contribute directly to your bottom line.


Why Is Verenia's CPQ The Best Choice?

Verenia’s lineup of CPQ solutions and services take these challenges head on. Complex selling rituals are made easy with coherent and repeatable guided selling pathways directing sales and customers alike. Errors are eliminated with product expertise and intelligence built into the CPQ process via easy-to-master business rules. Bundling/packaging relationships and constraints can be managed through via rules, tables, formulas, alone or in combination depending on need and level of complexity. The entire experience is simple and intuitive for every user, be it external sales rep, internal sales, or customer service.

Saving money on operations
Great savings can be expected on the operations end too, where time and resources allocated to sales training can be reduced. No more need to memorize bundle combinations or forgetting to include required package components. No more selling service/support plans that don’t match the products being purchased. No more wading through price sheets with calculator in hand.

Easier for sales staff
Verenia’s CPQ software becomes the product and process expert, allowing sales to do what they do best, sell. And most important, customers get what they want when they want it.


6 Reasons to Choose Verenia's CPQ

250,000+ users worldwide already trust us.

Here are six reasons why Verenia outperforms all other CPQ’s, based on real results from real customers

  • Guided Selling 
    Amazon-like guided selling user interface set up in weeks, allowing users to configure, price, quote, and order entire catalog of 100,000’s of items with literally no training.

  • Reduce Errors 
    Reduce errors by 93%, eliminating the need to double and triple-check orders for accuracy.

  • Make Quoting Simpler
    Let your customers immerse themselves in the experience with visualization tools that allow them to see the product build virtually before their eyes

  • Estimate Costs Faster
    Dynamic pricing click-by-click, no matter how sophisticated or complex the algorithm, no matter how multi-layered the discounting scheme.

  • Single CPQ Solution
    Replace multiple systems with Verenia’s single-sourced CPQ solution handling all product, pricing, quoting, and ordering needs.