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Why Do Marketing Firms Need a Pricing Software?

Don’t lose any lead due to complex pricing!

Marketing companies frequently offer packages to their customers which are not only dynamic in their set up, but also in their pricing.

Managing customized quotes, items, orders and promotions can become very complicated and be the source of many errors.

How can you sell your packages easily?

As a marketing company, using a CPQ (Configure Price Quote) software is the best way to make it easier for customers to understand the trade-offs in the services you provide.

Customers will understand the savings from buying bundled services.  Other customers will be able to choose starter service packages if that is all they can afford.

All of this can be done by CPQ - which results in more sales and higher average sales value.


Which CPQ is the Best Choice?

The system should focus on the buyers experience

The main consideration in choosing a CPQ System, is how will it make the buying process easier for buyers. 

On one hand, you want buyers who need a simple marketing solution to be able to find the most popular options quickly. 

On the other hand, you want the flexibility for more sophisticated buyers to put together various marketing options to achieve their target growth goals. 

Guided selling

This is where "guided selling" can be helpful.  

Guided selling is a Verenia CPQ feature - which guides your customers through the buying process. 

For example, it might suggest to the customer that spending a bit more on digital advertising would result in a higher overall ROI.  

Initiating valueable sales conversations

According to Gartner, “CPQ increases interaction between customers and the sales team”. 

The sales process usually happens across multiple channels.  The ability to start a sales conversation on your website, and then move that sales conversation into a different system or even into the real world is called the "omni-channel sales approach".

Verenia's CPQ handles these omni-channel sales transitions particularly well.  This results in more chances to engage your buyers.

Bundling and discounts

Even when purchasing marketing products and services, customers always want to know about the trade-offs and discounts available.  Verenia's CPQ can help you to package your services to maximize the chance for increasing the value of each sale.

Increasing sales close rates

Not only this, but by intelligently setting up the guided selling process you can also increase the probability that each customer will find the combination of marketing services which is most suited to them.

Thus increasing the chance to close the sale as well.

Let your sales team focus on serving the customers

We offer a powerful feature that enables your sales reps to have access to pricing options in real time.  This means that when the conversation moves from your website to a chat or phone call, your sales rep can have this information ready to serve the customer.

It also vastly reduces training time for sales representatives - which is an additional cost savings.


6 Reasons to Choose Verenia's CPQ

250,000+ users worldwide already trust us.

Here are six reasons why Verenia outperforms all other CPQ’s, based on real results from real customers: 

  • Guided Selling 
    To prompt users through all processes and workflows required to quickly and intuitively complete the sale and control all related post-sale activities.

  • Reduce Errors 
    Reduce errors by 93%, eliminating the need to double and triple-check orders for accuracy.

  • Make Quoting Simpler 
    Let your customers customize their package in real-time. The software creates accurate quotes, taking into account some items special pricing, discounts and more.

  • Estimate Costs Faster 
    Dynamic pricing click-by-click, no matter how sophisticated or complex the algorithm is, and no matter how multi-layered the discounting scheme can be.

  • Powerful customizability 
    Users can easily rewrite their own rules for featuring compatibility, guided selling, up-selling, cross-selling, promoting, rebating, and more.

  • Single CPQ Solution 
    Replace multiple systems with Verenia’s single-sourced CPQ solution handling all product, pricing, quoting, and needs ordering.