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Maximize the ROI on Your NetSuite Solution by Increasing Sales and Reducing Costs

CPQ • Ecommerce • NetSuite Native • No Integration • Built for Manufacturing

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Looking for a NetSuite native solution?

How Does Verenia Benefit NetSuite Users?

Verenia Product Configurator

Enable your salespeople to create 93% more accurate quotes and orders, 100% of the time, 100% faster.
  • Custom built for manufacturers, Verenia for NetSuite enables salespeople to accurately configure complex products quickly and easily.
  • Verenia increases sales and reduces manufacturing costs by making a complex sales and manufacturing process easy.


Increase Sales

Watch sales skyrocket after you implement Verenia for NetSuite

  • Transforms a slow, manual, error-prone quoting and ordering process into a fast, simple one, for both your sellers and customers
  • Sellers stop wasting time juggling spreadsheets and wasting engineer’s time waiting on approvals so sales can focus on their prospects and customers and engineers can focus on your products.
  • 3D Product Visualization and dynamic, automated Proposal Generation capabilities enhance and accelerate the sales process.

Verenia CPQ- the only CPQ that is Native to NetSuite

Keep your data safe and secure inside NetSuite

  • Verenia CPQ is the only CPQ that is 100% native to NetSuite, hosted and maintained on the Oracle Cloud, ensuring data security.
  • Reduce security risks. Eliminate potential security threats and data losses caused by the introduction of 3rd party solutions with our NetSuite-native software.
  • Eliminate integration costs. Because Verenia is 100% NetSuite Native, no integration or third-party software is needed. The systems work together out ot the box.


Dynamic Bill of Materials and Routings

Reduce Manufacturing Costs While Increasing Efficiency on the Shop Floor.

  • Verenia CPQ features dynamic Bill of Materials and Routings capabilities which eliminate the need to predefine BOMs and routings when there are thousands of possible configurations available. 
  • Our NetSuite Native Verenia CPQ auto-generates dynamic BOMs and routings based on built-in business logic in Verenia’s rules engine, delivering 100% accurate, custom bill of materials and routing instructions, 100% of the time.
  • This eliminates errors, reduces lead time, and reduces manufacturing costs.

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Verenia for NetSuite simplifies the selling process for manufacturers, wholesale/distribution, retail, and service companies. If you have complex configurations, multiple pricing options, and customized products - Verenia can transform your business and enhance the digital experience customers expect.

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Over 250,000 users worldwide trust Verenia

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Discover how Platinum Stairlifts used Verenia for NetSuite to simplify quoting and ordering.

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