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Increase Sales & Reduce Costs With the Only NetSuite Native CPQ Built for Manufacturing

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Built for Manufacturing

Verenia is a complete front-end solution that is specifically designed to help internal and external sales reps sell discrete, manufactured, configurable products quickly and easily, increasing sales while also reducing manufacturing costs.
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Increases sales by enabling reps to configure custom, manufactured products and create error-free quotes and orders. 

Blue - Reduce Costs


Optimizes sales teams' efficiency by generating dynamic pricing, profit margins, commissions, customer-specific pricing and quantity discounts.
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Training time is reduced from days or weeks to hours as configuring and quoting is made easy and error-proof.
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NetSuite Native

Verenia is 100% NetSuite native, so it requires no integration or third-party software. This makes it easy to implement, use and maintain, decreasing cost of ownership and increasing ROI.
Verenia Live Quotes

Verenia Live Quotes

Verenia Live Quotes extends Verenia for NetSuite and streamlines the sales cycle for services companies by transforming the quoting process from a manual, time consuming one to a one click, immediately transactional experience. Live Quotes gives reps the ability to deliver interactive emails with quotes that customers can interact with, acknowledging that they want to move the Quote to an Order and delivering that message to the sales rep, turning a Quote to an Order with a single click.
Increase Order Size

Custom Built for Manufacturing 

  • Up-sell and cross-sell easily: offer incentives for increased quantities; suggest related products to maximize revenue for each order

  • Prevents configuration errors: business logic written into the Verenia platform saves thousands of dollars by eliminating the reworking of manufacturing orders.

  • Streamlines the manufacturing process: dynamically creates bills of materials (BOMs) and routing, reducing costs.

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Increase Order Frequency

Eliminate buyer confusion and order delay

  • Simplify the buying process with Amazon-link guided selling experience 

  • Create an immersive buying experience with 3D product visualizations and CAD models

  • Accelerate sales with interactive, digital proposals: dynamic, automated Proposal Generation capabilities accelerate the sales process.

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Increase Order Frequency
Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Reps spend more time selling

  • Faster sales cycle: provide more accurate quotes to your prospects faster than your competitors

  • Training time is reduced as configuring and quoting is made easy and error-proof, so reps start selling on their first day.

  • Build stronger relationships: automated quoting frees up your sales team to build relationships with clients

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Increase Sales & Reduce Costs with Verenia CPQ for NetSuite- Built for Manufacturing  

Over 250,000 CPQ users worldwide trust Verenia
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