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Why Retailers Should Use a Pricing Management Software

Don’t become obsolete in an Amazon world!

Today, online shoppers expect to have an Amazon-like experience. Retailers who cannot offer this level of service continue to see their market share decline.

How can your company stay competitive?

Provide buyers with a guided selling platform that accompanies them on their entire buyer’s journey, from suggestions to quote configuration.
A CPQ (Configure Price Quote) software that is adapted to retail pricing methods will help you solve those problems and more.


Which CPQ is the Best Choice?

Verenia’s CPQ solutions put retailers on par with Amazon

In fact, Verenia’s guided selling module looks, feels, and operates much like Amazon, with that, personable in-store experience that only retail outlets can provide.

Maximize revenues and reduce errors

Increase order size by helping resellers to guide, upsell, and cross-sell with built-in intelligence that always knows the right price while never suggesting incompatible options or obsolete accessories. Aggregate and consolidate all critical data needed during the selling process.

Easier for sales staff

Eliminate time-consuming manual tasks. Quickly and accurately configure, price, quote and order any product from any vendor thanks to Verenia’s powerful CPQ-based rules engine.

The entire experience is simple and intuitive for every user, be it external sales rep, internal sales, or customer service.


6 Reasons to Choose Verenia's CPQ

250,000+ users worldwide already trust us.

Here are six reasons why Verenia outperforms all other CPQs, based on real results from real customers: 

  • Guided Selling
    Amazon-like guided selling user-interface, set up in weeks, allowing users to configure, price, quote, and order an entire catalog of 100,000’s of items with literally no training.

  • Reduce Errors
    Reduce errors by 93%, eliminating the need to double and triple-check orders for accuracy.

  • Make Quoting Simpler
    Let your customers immerse themselves in the experience with visualization tools that allow them to see the product build virtually before their eyes.

  • Estimate Costs Faster
    Dynamic pricing click-by-click, no matter how sophisticated or complex the algorithm, no matter how multi-layered the discounting scheme.

  • Powerful customizability
    Users can easily rewrite their own rules for feature compatibility, guided selling, up-selling, cross-selling, promotions, rebates, and more.

  • Single CPQ Solution
    Replace multiple systems with Verenia’s single-sourced CPQ solution, handling all product, pricing, quoting, and ordering needs.