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Why Services Companies Need CPQ

Services get more and more complex

Services today come in many forms and are often coupled with training, ongoing support, customer-specific negotiations, and a host of related add-ons.

Next to providing your services, you also have to think about pricing, discounting, bundling, and up-selling/cross-selling strategies to correctly quote a customer.

It is a real challenge for Services companies to quote dynamically and accurately across this diversity of dimensions.

Make buying your services easier

Do you agree with the following statement?

      The better my services offering fits with my buyer's specific needs - the faster I will get the sale.  


The Guided Selling Revolution

Consider the way most services are sold...

Potential who have already learned about your services - want to be able to explore buying options dynamically.  However until Verenia's CQP for Services, this process required a back and forth communication between your sales people and the buyer.

Often this can take days.

What if your potential buyer could quickly configure the options they need.  Possibly they could start small, and then see the option to grow the service over time.  Or they might want to bundle several of your services together to receive the best value.

This is what Configure Price Quote (CPQ) for Services can do for your Service Business.

Seeing is believing

Buyers don't want to wait days to know their options.

They want to feel empowered to make trade-offs in real time. 

We help Services companies simplify and speed up their sales process.  

Some of the benefits you can receive include:

  • A higher chance to obtain longer term service contracts
    Why?  Because the buyer will better understand the discounts available as they extend the contract.

  • Faster time to close deals
    Why?  Because the buyer can explore options dynamically without waiting for revisions in the quote

  • More effective sales team
    Why?  Because your sales people can access the information that the buyer entered and continue the CPQ Process.


6 Reasons to Choose Verenia's CPQ

250,000+ users worldwide already trust us.

Here are six reasons why Verenia outperforms all other CPQ’s, based on real results from real customers:

  • Guided and Suggestive Selling
    To prompt users through all processes and workflows required to quickly and intuitively complete the sale and control all related post-sale activities.

  • Project Level Control
    Project level CPQ control for large service agreements & contracts with customer and contractor portal for direct maintenance of terms, conditions, pricing, discounting, and other factors that influence the sales & service process.

  • Automatic Bundling
    Automatic bundling, packaging, and dynamic “matching” of products and related services.

  • Estimate Costs Faster
    Dynamic pricing click-by-click, no matter how sophisticated or complex the algorithm is, and no matter how multi-layered the discounting scheme can be.

  • Custom Apps Builder
    For customized user interfaces that can be used for remote maintenance of data and rules-based workflows.

  • Single CPQ Solution
    Replace multiple systems with Verenia’s single-sourced CPQ solution handling all product, pricing, quoting, and needs ordering.