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Industry Redefining CPQ Solutions

for Services

Why do Service Companies need CPQ (Configure Price Quote)?

CPQ Service Industry

Services today come in many forms and are often coupled with training, ongoing support, customer-specific negotiations, and a host of related add-ons and byproducts. Pricing, discounting, bundling and cross-functional compatibility also become challenging. Constantly changing promotional campaigns, upsell/cross-sell strategies, add-ons, and other sales/marketing initiatives must also be integrated into the process in a cohesive manner. And service providers fully understand the importance of covering customer needs post-sale as for the initial sale itself.

This requires a knowledge base that extends beyond that found in traditional CRM and ERP systems. These challenges and more are leading service providers to explore options like CPQ in order to modernize their businesses to sell faster, easier, and better serve their customers.

Why Choose Verenia’s CPQ Solutions?

Verenia’s lineup of CPQ solutions are geared to address the complexities of the services industry. Complex selling rituals are made easy with coherent and repeatable guided selling pathways directing sales and customers alike. Errors are eliminated with product expertise and intelligence built into the CPQ process via easy-to-master business rules. Products and services can be bundled and packaged with ease, ensuring the customer receives maximum value. The entire experience is simple and intuitive for every type of user.

Knowledge can be captured and maintained within CPQ at the project level as well as customer. Data in all forms is available and accessible wherever it is sourced. Tables, rules, formulas and logic can be combined in any number of ways to drive the transaction from start to finish. Rules-based workflows are generated dynamically to tailor-fit the required flow, from initial contact, quoting, acceptance/approval & ordering, through post-sale tracking, servicing, and reporting. Follow-up services like field installation, inspection, and troubleshooting can be managed on location directly by customers, installers, contractors, etc. Verenia’s CPQ becomes the product and process expert, allowing sales and service representatives to do what they do best - sell and serve.

A CPQ Solution That Solves Today's Issues

Check out Verenia, the #1 ranked Capterra CPQ software with 250,000+ users worldwide. Here are six reasons why Verenia outperforms all other CPQ’s, based on real results from real customers:

  • Project level CPQ control for large service agreements & contracts with customer and contractor portal for direct maintenance of terms, conditions, pricing, discounting, and other factors that influence the sales & service process.
  • Custom apps builder for customized user interfaces that can be used for remote maintenance of data and rules-based workflows.
  • Automatic bundling, packaging, and dynamic “matching” of products and related services.
  • Guided & suggestive selling to prompt users through all processes and workflows required to complete the sale quickly and intuitively and control all related post-sale activities.
  • Dynamic pricing click-by-click, no matter how sophisticated or complex the algorithm nor how multi-layered the discounting scheme.
  • Replace multiple systems with Verenia’s single-sourced CPQ solution to masterfully manage all product, packaging, pricing, quoting, and ordering needs.

User Experience Can Make or Break Your Business

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