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Accelerating Sales for Software Companies

Package Pricing Made Simple

Leading software and technology companies are continually looking to modernize their businesses to sell faster and better serve their customers. The problem is that many of these companies are still operating from spreadsheets, price charts, and knowledge of more experienced department leads.

Pricing and discounting challenges coupled with services, training, user licensing agreements, and a host of other add-ons and byproducts have made software a highly configurable product. Ever-changing promotional campaigns, upsell and cross-sell strategies, and add-ons must be managed to avoid leaving revenue opportunities on the table. Adding Verenia for NetSuite’s CRM, CPQ, and ecommerce sales acceleration solutions can resolve these issues and increase efficiency.
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Results after Implementing Verenia for NetSuite

93% error reduction
guided selling-2
99% reduction in training
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105% larger deal size
boost productivity
49% increase in average prop volume
19% higher lead conversion rate
27% shorter sales cycles

Immediate Benefits of Verenia for NetSuite

Single-Sourced Platform

Verenia for NetSuite is more than just a CPQ. It is a complete omnichannel sales acceleration and productivity suite offering CRM, CPQ, and ecommerce tools that all departments of an organization can utilize. Being 100% native to NetSuite means there is no integration or third-party software required. All your data stays secure within the NetSuite ecosystem.

True Omnichannel Sales Acceleration

Our innovative solutions are bringing together cloud-based, front- and back-office solutions, capable of servicing all users in a company.

Never Train Another Sales Rep Again

Verenia for NetSuite will give your sales team an Amazon-like interface with products grouped into easily searchable categories and visualized on the screen. The business logic and intelligence written into the rules engine will provide an automated approval process and alert your reps to upsells, cross-sells, discounts, and promotions, so they can present company knowledge like experts on their first day.

Guided Selling

With B2B customers wanting more of a B2C ecommerce experience, Verenia for NetSuite’s Guided Selling module is essential for your dealer and distributor networks to make it easier for you to do business with one another. Guided Selling eliminates the need for binders of spreadsheets and memorizing SKUs. Verenia will allow you to sell your products and services just like Amazon and never miss an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell. Guided Selling will help you meet consumer expectations, which will help your customers find products and services that match their specific requirements.


Verenia CRM for NetSuite provides a 360-degree view of all customer activity from a single source. Live quotes put you at the front of the line to give error-free quotes to customers who are ready to buy. Deep email integration streamlines communication with customers and eliminates the need for multiple email tools and switching screens. Verenia CRM for NetSuite allows you to manage your customer relationships from the beginning of the opportunity to the final sale all in one place.

Proposal Generator

Verenia’s Proposal Generator creates professional, branded proposals to keep consumers engaged with you. Having accurate product and pricing information in real time means you can present these error-free proposals to customers on the spot instead of making them wait and risk losing them to the competition.


Verenia for NetSuite’s Configurator allows your reps to configure items with 100% accuracy every time. The business logic prevents configuration errors, saving money on double checks and reworks. This module will configure products and services, calculate dimensions, create bills of materials (BOMs) and routings, and generate images and part numbers (SKUs) instantly.
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The Software Guide to Sales Tools


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