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Industry Redefining CPQ Solutions

for wholesale

Why do Wholesalers need CPQ (Configure Price Quote)?

CPQ Wholesale Industry

Amazon has set the standard for the customer shopping experience, and as a result wholesalers are challenged with delivering a similar eCommerce experience. Wholesalers must deliver top quality, speed, flawless accuracy, and superior customer service. Challenging also for wholesalers is the pressure to quickly turn around large multi-volume orders for massive and diverse product lines.

Additionally, they must factor in complex multi-tiered pricing and discounting schemes, quantity discounts, promotions, and customer-specific pricing. Disconnects, caused by disparity in systems of automation between manufacturers, wholesalers and dealerships only exacerbates the problem by introducing errors in ordering, inaccurate pricing, and delays in delivery.

Why Is Verenia’s CPQ The Best Choice?

Verenia’s lineup of CPQ solutions and services directly address these challenges with tools that produce tangible results. Complex selling rituals are simplified with coherent and repeatable guided selling pathways that make ordering of complex products easy. Errors are eliminated with product expertise and intelligence built into the CPQ process via easy-to-master business rules. The entire experience is simple and intuitive for everyone involved.

Verenia CPQ’s Amazon-like guided selling user interface with unlimited search and filter options makes finding the right products fast and intuitive. Complex pricing structures are easy to setup and administer. Discounting can also be managed using Verenia CPQ’s powerful rules logic and formulation. External table access can support multi-sourced, multi-layered discounting schemes with endless flexibility and variation.

A CPQ System That Solves Today's Issues

Today’s CPQ should be able to extend your business rules, pricing and logic across all channels, be it for inside/outside reps, dealers, distributors, partners, and even eCommerce. Here are five reasons why Verenia outperforms all other CPQ’s, based on real results from real customers:

  • Amazon-like guided selling user interface set up in weeks, allowing users to configure, price, quote, and order from an entire catalog of items with literally NO training.
  • Powerful rules engine that is both highly sophisticated and easy to use, allowing resellers to write business rules for feature/option compatibility, guided selling, upselling, cross-selling, promotions, rebates, and more.
  • Reduce errors by 93% while eliminating need to double and triple-check orders for accuracy. Verenia’s CPQ allows sales to focus on what they they do best - SELL.
  • Let all channels log in and fully immerse themselves in the experience with visual tools that allow them to see the product built as selections are made.
  • Dynamic pricing triggered by each click - no matter how sophisticated or complex the algorithm, or how multi-layered the discounting scheme.

Tired of Training Sales Reps? CPQ Can Help

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