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Guided Selling

Helping your company sell like Amazon

What is the big deal with Guided Selling?

Verenia CPQ Guided Selling

If you’re not sure what guided selling is or what it looks like, all you have to do is go to Amazon. Amazon is the king of guided selling, which makes them the king of making customer’s lives easier.

Guided selling helps your sales team and your users find products and services that match their specific needs and wants. It can be especially useful if there are a lot of options for multiple products to choose from. Here at Verenia, our CPQ software will help you and your website give your customers a buying experience as close to Amazon’s as possible.

Verenia’s CPQ guided selling module allows users to experience the following:

  • Guided Selling without product number knowledge
  • 100% correct quotes and orders
  • Minimal training for new sales reps
  • Cross-sell, upsell and discount opportunities

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CPQ Software: Guided Selling to Create a Lasting Impression

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