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What is Guided Selling?

Guided selling is the solution that the top companies are using to enhance online customer experience. If you don’t know what Guided Selling looks like, just go take a look at Amazon. Amazon’s use of filters and suggested addons are the epitome of what a perfect Guided Selling solution should be. They are the experts in online sales, and they know that in order to sell more they have to make the sales process as easy as possible.

Guided selling helps your sales team and your users find products and services that match their specific criteria. Using this system can be especially useful if there are multiple options for multiple products to choose from. Here at Verenia, our CPQ software will help you give your customers a Guided Selling experience that is as close to Amazon’s as possible.

Verenia CPQ Guided Selling


Verenia's Guided Selling Tool

Verenia’s Guided Selling tool allows the use of a custom built navigation bar. Through this, users can filter options to narrow their search for the exact product or service they are looking for. These filters have rules and validations behind them, so the chances of placing an invalid order are eliminated. This worry free way practice allows your salespeople to focus their attention on making the sale instead of double and triple checking the order for errors.

Guided Selling tools are also an essential part of maximizing the customers’ orders, which means more money in your pocket. Verenia’s Guided Selling tool has the ability to handle any sales promotion, related item, and add on (optional or required) deemed necessary. Recommendations can be placed before checking out an order, increasing the chances of upselling or cross selling within the purchase. The end results: larger deal size and increased overall sales revenue.

Guided Selling tools are the key to giving your customers a pleasurable online shopping experience. Verenia’s CPQ Guided Selling tool is at the forefront of innovation, allowing users to experience the following:

  • 100% correct quotes and orders
  • Minimal training for new sales reps
  • Cross-sell, upsell and discount opportunities
  • Error proof order entry without the need for product numbers