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Guided Selling

Empowering Your Company to Sell Like Amazon
guided selling
What Is Guided Selling?

Guided selling is the solution top companies are using to enhance the online customer experience. Amazon’s use of filters and suggested add-ons is the epitome of what a guided selling solution should be. Being the experts in online sales, they know that to sell more, they must streamline the sales process.

Guided selling helps your sales team and your users find products and services that match their specific criteria. This system can be especially useful if there are multiple product options. Verenia's CPQ software will help you give your customers a guided selling experience that is as close to Amazon’s as possible.

Verenia's Guided Selling Module

Verenia's Guided Selling module allows the use of a custom-built navigation bar. Users can filter options to narrow their search for the exact product or service they need. These filters follow written rules and validations based on your company's business logic, eliminating possible errors and allowing your salespeople to focus on making sales and not on double checking orders.

Guided Selling is essential to maximizing customer orders. Verenia’s Guided Selling module can handle any sales promotion, related item, and add-on deemed necessary. Reps can make recommendations before checking out an order, increasing the chances of upselling or cross-selling within the purchase and resulting in larger deal sizes and increased sales revenue.

about our service

About Our Service

Verenia's Guided Selling is the key to giving your customers a streamlined online shopping experience. The Guided Selling module is at the forefront of sales enablement, providing the following benefits:
order entry
Order Entry
Eliminate the need to memorize item numbers (SKUs) with streamlined order entry
less training
Less Training
Reduce 99% of training so your sales reps can start selling on their first day
sell more
Sell More
Reps will be alerted to upsells, cross-sells, and promotions and never miss an opportunity to increase revenue
Eliminate Errors
Written rules that follow your business logic will error-proof quotes and orders and prevent costly order corrections
ease of use
Ease of Use
An Amazon-like user interface (UI) provides ease of navigation with an intuitive user experience (UX) that simplifies the quoting and ordering process
increase sales
Increase Efficiency
Your sales reps can focus on closing deals instead of spending months in training, memorizing SKUs, or double checking orders for errors
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