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B2B (Business to Business) eCommerce

Customers today are reliant on technology. Within minutes of them discovering a need, they can go online and find six different vendors who will sell them exactly what they are looking for. Because of this, companies more than ever face the challenge of distinguishing themselves from their competitors. The answer to this problem is to establish a B2B (Business to Business) eCommerce platform that establishes a superior online presence.

B2B eCommerce is the platform that allows businesses to purchase products and services from other businesses online. Simply put, it is the most efficient way for vendors to sell to companies. Customers today are more picky and impatient than ever. The quicker and easier the sales process is, the more likely the customer will be left satisfied. With a B2B eCommerce platform implemented, your customers can visit your website and immediately place an order for exactly what they want.


CPQ and B2B eCommerce

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) is known primarily as a software tool used internally for salespeople. CPQ allows sales reps to access timely, accurate, relevant information that allows them to quote and customize orders with ease. This increased efficiency reduces the length of the sales cycle and allows them to close deals faster and increase productivity. What is less known about CPQ, though, is that these same processes can also be used on the external side of the sales process.

This is where the B2B eCommerce side of CPQ comes into play. By making your CPQ tool available to customers online, you are giving them the tools to customize an order and adjust it to fit their needs and price point in minutes. This is especially valuable for businesses that offer configurable or flexible products, such as manufacturing, retail, wholesale, etc.


Sales Portal

Businesses are looking for self-service information and the ability to make a purchase directly from vendors online. They need a foundation that can provide B2B customers the same ease of use that B2C customers experience. A sales portal can take care of these needs, all while providing an all-in-one sales solution that makes selling easier than ever. Whether a salesperson, dealer, or customer is the user, a sales portal will enhance the online shopping experience and eliminate errors.

Verenia’s Sales Portal provides businesses everything they need to enhance their eCommerce systems. Verenia offers its customers personalized dashboards, dealer management, specialized apps, order-level validation, and much more. To learn more about Verenia’s Sales Portal, click here.

B2B Sales Portal Dashboard in Laptop


Quoting and Order Entry

A little observed fact in the business world is that sales people spend a lot of time providing quotes and entering orders. This is valuable time that could be spend for your sales team going out and winning more deals. On top of that, much of this is done by hand. This means reps have to spend time double and triple checking their work and still hold the risk of committing errors. This is a process that is much better served being automated.

With Verenia, your business can streamline the quoting and order entry processes and use your sales reps time much more efficiently. Setting custom margins in the system allows them to know that they can enter the information quicker than ever. Validations within the system ensure that you will never enter an invalid quote or order ever again. When you choose to partner with Verenia to take care of your quoting and order entry needs, you are ensuring your business an increase in efficiency and an impressive return on investment.

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Guided Selling

Today’s consumers prefer to do their shopping from the comfort of their own home. They expect businesses to provide them an easy way to make their purchases right from their computer. Guided selling allows businesses to make the online shopping experience as effortless as possible for their customers. Through the use of custom built filters and navigation bars, Guided Selling provides users an easy way to filter through options so they can find exactly what they are looking for. The system also has the intelligence to place recommendations on related products before checking out, improving the chances of upselling and cross-selling to the customer.

Verenia’s Guided Selling system allows businesses to provide an enhanced online shopping experience. With Verenia, businesses can expect to see 100% accurate quotes and orders, minimal training, error proof order entry, and more. To learn more about Verenia’s Guided Selling capabilities, click here.

B2B Guided Selling



Businesses that offer highly configurable products are in need of a system that allows users to easily generate a digital representation of a product. Having a configurator in place grants users access to generate BOMs and Routings and eliminate quoting errors. Companies have a need for an online configurator in order to sell any products, simple to complex, online. By implementing this system, business can increase deal size, reduce errors, and enhance the customer experience all with no additional training.

Verenia’s Configurator will increase the efficiency of your entire sales team while providing a much more immersive experience for customers. To learn more about Verenia’s Configurator, click here.

B2B Configurator


Proposal Generator

When businesses provide their potential customers with a proposal, this is their final effort to close a deal. The proposal is what customers use to gauge the value in purchasing a product or service from a business. Companies need to maximize their efforts on this final step of the sales process. Generating a custom branded proposal that can lay out all of the necessary information in an organized, presentable, and accurate manner is crucial.

Vernia’s proposal generator provides users an easy to maneuver path to providing customers with a proposal they will sign off on. With the inclusion of endless options, businesses can generate company specific, product specific, or promotional specific proposals to match any type of deal. To learn more about Verenia’s Proposal Generator, click here.

B2B Proposal Generator


Parts and Warranty

Housing and processing warranty claims can be a cumbersome process. Many businesses still use spreadsheets to keep track of this information, making it unorganized and and difficult to keep track of. This is especially difficult for businesses that sell their products through third party dealers. Having an efficient parts and warranty system in place can free up a considerable amount of time for sales teams and improve communication between manufacturers and dealers.

Verenia’s Parts and Warranty system can solve all of these problems with ease. Businesses using this system experience a quicker and easier warranty approval process, error proof warranty processing, and simple yet intuitive UX and UI. To learn more about Verenia’s Parts and Warranty systems, click here.

B2B Parts and Warranty