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Managing a Parts and Warranty System

Many businesses lack a fool proof system housing warranty claims. While this may seem like a small issue at first glance, allowing this issue to linger can result in reduced productivity and customer dissatisfaction. This is an even larger issue for distributors who partner with dealers to act as a middleman. Some companies attempt to resolve this issue by manually updating spreadsheets to keep track of warranty information for every single one of its customers. This, however, is a tedious practice that takes up valuable time and usually results in a multitude of errors.

Verenia’s Parts and Warranty system eliminates the added stress of dealing with a cumbersome spreadsheet-based warranty system. This solution allows users to set up warranties for new or existing customers with ease, along with the ability to view any customer’s warranty information instantly. Verenia’s rules engine allows users to filter or label each warranty type by category, job description, or anything else relative to your business. Intuitive user interface within the system provides simple yet sophisticated visualization tools for increased efficiency. With one click, users can pull up an entire history of warranty claims and export a report of the needed information to a spreadsheet. Not only that, but behind the scenes validations make the entire system error proof.

The parts and Warranty system also increases the productivity of resolving warranty claims between distributors and dealers. The service bulletin dashboard within the system allows both parties to send information to each other and attach files with product/warranty description if necessary. With an automated emailing system, all parties involved will be instantly notified on claim status and whether it has been approved or denied. In doing this, Verenia allows businesses to streamline this entire process.


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 Benefits of Working With Verenia

The results are simple: Verenia’s Parts and Warranty solution increases efficiency and customer satisfaction. Processing warranty claims has never been easier, and businesses are reaping the benefits. The entire Parts and Warranty solution provided by Verenia can be deployed as a standalone system, or implemented within the Verenia CPQ umbrella. Verenia will allow users to experience the following benefits:

  • Error proof warranty processing
  • Minimal training for new sales reps
  • SImple and intuitive UX/UI
  • Quicker and easier approval process
  • Replace multiple systems with Verenia's single-sourced solution.


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