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Enhancing the User Experience One Product at a Time
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What Is a Configurator?

A configurator is a software that allows users to build a product online before purchasing. This system can work with an unlimited number of products, from simple to complex, with the help of user-defined fields and powerful validations. The result is a complete visual configuration of a product, permitting customers to see the actual product they are purchasing. Automotive companies like Ford and Chevrolet use configurators on their websites so users can digitally build car models before their eyes with the many options available to them.

Standard configurators generate bills of materials (BOMs) and routings to enable paths for virtually building the product. An innovative configurator takes it a step further, utilizing rules and validations to tell customers what features certain products can and cannot have and includes flexible, dynamic pricing logic. Users can see how each feature of a product affects its price, eliminating the possibility of confusion or miscommunication. These practices make the entire configuration process error proof.

online configurators

Online configurators have become necessary for companies across all industries.

Verenia, the creators of the highest-rated CPQ and ecommerce sales acceleration solutions, will provide you with a configurator that will place you well ahead of your competition. Verenia’s Configurator offers:
  • An intuitive user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)
  • Upsell and cross-sell capabilities
  • Dynamic click-by-click pricing
  • 93% error reduction
  • 99% less sales training
  • 105% larger deal sizes

Verenia's Configurator

Verenia's Configurator enables sales teams to configure complex products in real time with an intuitive UI and UX that increases ease of use. This software provides users with the most accurate visualization of an item, which further engages customers in the sales process. The Configurator has the flexibility to handle multi-item configurations on the same order for companies that sell product and service packages, increasing upsell and cross-sell opportunities and efficiency for users. Verenia's innovative rules engine and validations ensure error-free configurations, eliminating the need for double checks and costly quote and order corrections.
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