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Verenia's Proposal Generator

The final step of closing the sale is providing a customer with a proposal. This is the most crucial part of the sales process, as this is where the customer gauges their interest in your product and determines whether or not it is worth spending their money. The proposal provides the customer with a final overview and price of the product/service that you are offering. Providing them with a clear, accurate, and presentable proposal can be the difference between winning and losing the deal.

Verenia’s Proposal Generator provides users an easy to maneuver path to providing customers with a proposal they will sign off on. With the inclusion of endless options, businesses can generate company specific, product specific, or promotional specific proposals to match any type of deal. You are given the ability to include a product configuration summary, sales conditions, or any other sales related information with one click. With completely customizable templates, sales can dynamically generate proposals quicker and easier than ever.


 CPQ Proposal Generator


Benefits of Partnering With Verenia

Many companies half-heartedly provide prospects with an order summary PDF or a list of part numbers with associated prices. With Verenia’s Proposal Generator, businesses can just as easily provide customers with a document that is much more interactive and appealing with just as much, if not more, information. Verenia’s solutions even allow you to keep the prospect engaged with the ability to attach external documents and/or link them to instructional videos. With the most innovative proposal generator on the market, your business can expect to see an increase in overall deals won.

Verenia’s Proposal Generator is just one of the many ways we make businesses easier to buy from. With our solutions, businesses experience many benefits, such as:

  • 117% Revenue Growth
  • 93% Error Reduction
  • 20% Increase in Productivity of Inside Sales Groups
  • 3% Market Share Increase in the First Year
  • 19% Higher Lead Conversion Rate