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Proposal Generator

The Difference between Winning and Losing a Deal
proposal generator

Verenia's Proposal Generator

The last step of closing a sale is providing a customer with a proposal. The proposal gives the prospect a final overview and price of the product or service you are offering. This stage is the most crucial in the sales process, as the client gauges their interest in your product and determines whether or not it is worth their money. Presenting a clear, accurate, and professional proposal can be the difference between winning and losing a deal.

Verenia’s Proposal Generator creates a maneuverable path to supplying a sales document customers will accept. With unlimited customizable templates, businesses can generate company-, product-, or promotion-specific proposals for any deal. In one click, bids can include a product configuration summary, conditions, or other sales-related details. Reps can generate these proposals in real time, placing them first in line to close sales.


Benefits of Partnering with Verenia

Many companies half-heartedly provide prospects with an order summary or a list of part numbers and prices. Verenia’s Proposal Generator aids businesses in preparing an interactive, appealing proposal that lends more information. This module maintains client engagement by permitting the attachment of external documents and links to instructional videos. The Proposal Generator will help your organization achieve an overall increase in deals won, as well as these other advantages:

  • 117% revenue growth
  • 93% error reduction
  • 20% increase in productivity of inside sales groups
  • 3% market share increase in the first year
  • 19% higher lead conversion rate

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