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edi configurator

EDI Configurator+

Making It Easier for Your Customers to Do Business with You

In the pre-internet days of the 1960s, electronic data interchange (EDI) was created to make it easier for companies to do business with one another. However, orders placed through EDI bring with them a load of issues and manual processing to convert them into actionable work and sales orders. Problems with EDI orders include:

  • Lengthy sales cycles

  • Requires manual entry for both sales and work orders

  • Overburdens reps with double checks

  • Errors abound

  • Additional headcount required    required

verenia solution_

Verenia's Solution

EDI Configurator+ is designed to work behind the scenes within NetSuite to convert your EDI orders as you receive them. The module automates EDI transformation using your business logic to generate everything the purchase needs with 100% accuracy. The benefits of EDI Configurator+ include:

Shorter sales cycles
automate tasks
Automated transformation process and order entry
No need to double check orders
Error-proof orders
No need for increased headcount
Asset 39-3
Reps free to focus on the bottom line