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Verenia Atlas CRM

Verenia CRM

Verenia CRM is the only CRM solution built for manufacturers and distributors for the way they do business, increasing their sales and reducing manufacturing costs. Verenia connects your customers to your sales teams, including customer service, outside sales, and engineering. Verenia keeps salespeople selling in one unified solution—selling more quickly and more efficiently, while configuring products quickly and error free. Verenia enables your customer-facing reps to quickly create customers’ quotes and orders and deliver interactive Live Quotes (which are customizable HTML email proposals that can turn a quote into an order with a single click from a customer). It also provides your salespeople with a unique 360-degree view of customer activity. Verenia CRM integrates with any ERP and any email system.

Verenia CRM is included for free for all verenia customers, providing:

Designed for you

Designed for You

Only CRM specifically designed for manufacturers and distributors
360 Degree

360 Hub

360-Degree Hub offers a central location for all your customer communications and gives all teams a complete view of all customer interactions


Omnichannel sales capabilities enables access for users within all of your sales channels, including internal sales and external dealers
Congifure complex

Configure Complex Products

Make configuration of complex products simple with the industry’s most powerful product configurator.

ERP Integration

Integrates with any ERP system, including NetSuite, Microsoft 365, Oracle EBS, Infor ERPs.
Email Integration

Email Integration

Email integration with any third-party email including Outlook and Gmail. Automatically records and associates all emails with the customer, contact, quote, or opportunity.
Proposal generator

Materials Forecasting

Materials forecasting capabilities ensure that manufacturers produce enough stock to satisfy their customers while not falling short on inventory to fulfill.
Visual planning

Verenia Live Quotes

Verenia Live Quotes extends Verenia and streamlines the sales cycle for customers by transforming the quoting process from a manual, time consuming one to a one click, immediately transactional experience. Live Quotes gives reps the ability to deliver interactive emails with quotes that customers can interact with, acknowledging that they want to move the Quote to an Order and delivering that message to the sales rep, turning a Quote to an Order with a single click.
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Forrester reports that 69% of CRM users plan to replace their current CRM due to high costs.¹ Is the price of your CRM impacting your ROI?

¹ Forrester (2018). Riding the next wave of SaaS CRM.

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