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Why Your Business Needs To Be Omnichannel?

In the past decade, sales has seen a drastic evolution from direct contact via sales reps. Today’s buyers expect to be provided with multiple pathways when in the sales process for your products or services. Corporations like Amazon have spoiled consumers into believing that every sale should be quick and painless. Because of this, businesses have a need to streamline their sales processes to fit their customers.

Providing an omnichannel sales solution is the most efficient way too meet the consumers demands. With an omnichannel sales process your business will allow integration between every channel, whether it be in-store, by phone, online or mobile. With every channel being connected, your sales team and your customers will have no issue researching product availability and finding exactly what they are looking for.


Enhance The Buying Experience For Your Customers

Consumers today are more demanding than ever. They know exactly what they want, and expect to have it immediately. Because of this, they expect to be able to find what they are looking for online and order it immediately, with their choice to have it shipped to them or picked up in-store. By upgrading your sales process to become omnichannel, your customers will have a seamless sales process that will lead them to becoming a repeat customer.

On the other end, omnichannel consumers are the most profitable consumers that businesses can target. When an omnichannel consumer is doing research on available products and services, they are exposed to more options than their non-omnichannel counterparts. This leads to a higher likelihood that these buyers will be interested in purchasing a larger variety of products and services. These buyers are also more likely to become repeat customers due to the simplified channel to make a purchase.

Verenia's Omnichannel Experience

Verenia’s industry-leading CPQ and B2B eCommerce solutions provide businesses with an easy path to omnichannel sales. We do this by connecting the three main channels of sales: inside sales, dealers and distributors, and outside sales.

Inside Sales

Verenia allows for improved efficiency for sales teams and customer service through user friendly UI/UX that is fast, responsive, and mobile friendly. With simple, clean and visual interface, the system is easy to navigate and requires minimal training. The system can configure any order, simple to complex, and allows for quick order entry. With the entire CPQ toolkit at your sales team's hands, entering quotes and orders has never been easier.

Dealers and Distributors

Verenia’s omnichannel capabilities allow all channels and partners to be connected under one platform. Self-service accessibility allows for increased efficiency through the configurator or catalog-based guided selling. With user interface that is clean, intuitive and mobile friendly, the system provides the same ease of use that B2C customers experience and eliminates the possibility for errors. .

Outside Sales

Amazon has set the standard in providing a user-friendly eCommerce experience and customers are holding all online retailers to the same standard. With Verenia’s omnichannel capabilities, you can allow customers to shop through your entire product catalog with search and filter capabilities to find exactly what they are looking for. With added upsell, cross-sell, and promotional capabilities, you will convert your buyers into repeat customers with this easy to use online shopping experience.