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Omnichannel Sales Acceleration

Connecting All Sales Channels for Increased Efficiency
Why Your Business Needs to Be Omnichannel
Sales have drastically evolved from direct contact via sales reps to a multi-pathway model that modern buyers have come to expect over the last decade. Consumers are now accustomed to the quick and intuitive service Amazon offers with every sale and look to receive this level of business wherever they go. They expect to find what they are looking for online and order it immediately with the option to have the products shipped to them or to pick the items up in-store. Companies need to streamline sales processes so they can meet these high customer expectations.
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Enhance the Buying Experience for Your Customers

Providing an omnichannel sales solution is the most efficient way to satisfy these demands and enhance your processes by allowing integration between every business channel, whether in-store, by phone, online, or mobile. Organizations with a streamlined omnichannel process bring in higher revenue than their non-omnichannel counterparts. They expose their customers to more choices and flexibility, which increases client interest in purchasing a wider variety of products and services. Connecting all your business channels means your sales team and customers will have no trouble researching available products with a seamless sales process that leads to repeat business.

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Verenia's Omnichannel Experience

Verenia’s industry-leading CPQ, and ecommerce sales acceleration tools provide businesses with a flexible path to omnichannel sales by connecting the three primary channels: inside sales, dealers and distributors, and outside sales.
Inside Sales
Verenia allows for improved efficiency for sales teams and customer service through a user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) that is quick, responsive, and mobile friendly. The system requires minimal training to use and provides ease of navigation, quick order entry, and the ability to accurately configure any order from simple to complex.
Dealers and Distributors
Verenia's omnichannel capabilities connect all channels and partners under one platform. Self-service accessibility grants the ease of a B2C customer experience and enhances efficiency through the Configurator and the Guided Selling module.
Outside Sales
Amazon has set the standard in providing a user-friendly ecommerce experience, and customers are holding all online retailers to it. Verenia's omnichannel capabilities allow customers to search and filter through your entire product catalog to find the products they need. Intuitive prompts for upsells, cross-sells, and promotions will convert buyers into repeat customers.
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Reduce Errors and Increase Your Bottom Line


Error Reduction

Verenia's CPQ and ecommerce solutions eliminate errors and increase sales team efficiency. Schedule a demo with our sales acceleration experts to learn more.
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