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The Reason For Our Success

Ever since Verenia opened its doors in 2012, our main goal has been to provide our customers with a CPQ software that will allow their companies to reach new heights. Since then, we have committed not only to providing the best possible product, but also delivering amazing customer service in order to ensure that our customers are always satisfied.

Here at Verenia, we have had the privilege of working with amazing companies, such as Bennington Marine, Pirch, Freedman Seating, and many more. We didn't just sell them a product, we gave them the tools they needed to take their overall sales revenue to the next level. With over 250,000 users worldwide and billions of dollars of quotes and orders processed, our success is our customer's success.

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Real Reviews From Real Customers

"This product is by far the easiest Configurator that I have worked with. With almost no instruction you can easily go in and get right to work. This program is a great addition to our software. I look forward to using your product for many years to come!"

- Melanie H., SoundOff Signal

"A configurator developed by people, who know what a configurator should do. With a bottom to top approach to configuration that allows you to accomplish anything you want in the simplest way possible."

- Eric Y., KZRV

"The possibilities are vast and anything we want we can make that happen. This is the next step for us as a manufacturer and will vastly improve the way we do things."

- Scott W., KingFisher Boats

"This program was designed specific to our needs to help provide quotes to our customers in a timely manner. This product has saved us so much time and effort and truly increased our efficiency and productivity. "

- Jessica M., Freedman Seating