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Fast-Growing Enterprise Software Company Announces 533% Growth Since January 2015, And 100% Growth In Subscription Revenue

Michael Suareo , March 20, 2018


Chicago, IL Verenia is the most promising young bootstrapped company in enterprise software, having hyper growth with $0 outside funding.


The highest-rated CPQ software on Capterra announced 533% growth since January 2015, providing industry-leading products. The year 2017 marked the third consecutive year Verenia has grown over 100%, and the company is showing no signs of slowing down. Verenia is looking towards the future of the industry, with the promise of breaking down the barriers between CPQ & B2B eCommerce. The company’s leadership is committed to continuous growth, to achieve the ambition of becoming the best enterprise software companies in the world.

For more information on Verenia, please visit the website https://www.verenia.com.  


“Verenia continues to lead the entire industry in all the areas that matter to our customers: innovation and customer service. The Digital Transformations that are being undergone in B2B are absolutely amazing.  A lot of companies think we can never even think about doing eCommerce because their process are so difficult. But once they partner with us they can see a direct line to fixing their internal sales process and building a direct path to B2B eCommerce through our platforms,” said Vic, founder and CEO of Verenia.


In 2017, Verenia achieved numerous internal and external goals, including 40% increase in headcount, forming a partnership with Microsoft Appsource, being named a 2018 Gold Partner for Oracle + NetSuite’s SuiteWorld, and maintaining top rated CPQ status by multiple platforms. Over the past few years, Verenia has released an array of new products and services to offer their customers. These new features have proven to help companies become more efficient and deliver a better return on investment. 


Verenia delivers top quality enterprise software solutions that help companies achieve higher efficiency and better sales. Their services include configure price quote (CPQ) solutions, guided selling modules, and B2B e-commerce tools. These solutions are very effective in many industries including, manufacturing, sales, retail, services, wholesale, software, and marketing. Due to the recommendation from satisfied customers, more companies are being led towards Verenia to enhance their sales management processes.


About Verenia

Verenia is one of the fastest-growing enterprise software companies in the world. The firm provides best-in-class solutions that help more than 250,000 users process billions of dollars of customers’ orders and quotes. Some of their customers include G3 Boats, Bennington, Sound Off Signal, Renew Aire, and Freedman.

For more information, please contact 800-738-7760, or visit www.verenia.com


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See how your organization can increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate your brand by using Verena's CPQ and CRM solutions
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