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Verenia 3D Now Available to the Manufacturing Sales Landscape

Brett Ames , December 16, 2020


Verenia CPQ Adds a 3D Visualization Software to Sales Enablement Lineup

Verenia Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) announced the launch of their new product modeling solution, Verenia 3D. This 3D CAD automation and product


 visualization software adds to their lineup of sales enablement tools for manufacturing and wholesale sales teams.  

“This product was developed strictly from the gap we saw in the manufacturing industry,” says Victorio Pellicano, Founder and CEO of Verenia. “With very complex orders on a daily basis, sales reps can not only easily overcome the challenges of accurate configurations but separate themselves from competitors by providing their prospects with a full visualization in mere seconds of what they’re ordering.”

The components of Verenia 3D include:


1. CAD Automation: Provides reliable drawings, models of products, as well as files in any CAD format, designed to customer's exact specifications, that are delivered to the shop floor to streamline manufacturing and cut costs.


2. Visual Planning: Provides an immersive 3D buying experience and allows buyers to see products as they would appear in their home, office, factory, or any physical space on a manufacturer’s website.


3. Product Configurator: An Amazon-like user interface for configuring customizable products quickly and easily, providing the data needed for dynamic, real-time creation of 3D CAD models, files, and drawings for display to customers.


4. AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality): Allows users to configure products using custom-made AR/VR environments.


“The aspect of 3D, life-like visualization really completes a full-service process that sales teams can now offer their prospects, and you can be sure it’s accurate to your product specifications the whole way through,” says Pellicano. “We’re excited to see where this takes us and the industry.”

Verenia 3D, part of the Verenia CPQ solution, is available now to organizations within a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, wholesale, marketing, retail, services, and software.


About Verenia

Founded in 2012, Verenia is a complete omnichannel sales enablement and productivity suite offering front office, configure, price, quote (CPQ), and eCommerce solutions. Businesses around the world in manufacturing, wholesale, retail, marketing, software, and service have implemented Verenia CPQ, which integrates seamlessly with ERP platforms. NetSuite users have placed their trust in Verenia for NetSuite, as it is the only CPQ software that is 100% native to NetSuite.


More than just a product configurator, Verenia’s CPQ solutions are built with power and scalability to support the growth of all businesses. With over 250,000 users worldwide and billions processed in customer quotes and orders, Verenia has become an industry leader in enterprise software. 

Verenia’s mission is to provide CPQ solutions to make it easier for people and companies to do business with one another. Verenia assists organizations in remaining agile and competitive by transforming their systems and processes. Through continuous innovation, Verenia is committed to helping companies reach higher echelons in revenue and performance.


Tags: Sales Acceleration

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See how your organization can increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate your brand by using Verena's CPQ and CRM solutions
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