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Verenia Announces New Collaboration with LiquidPixels

Danielle Schlosser , July 27, 2018


A Partnership Bringing Innovative Solutions to the Retail Industry

July 26, 2018 – Verenia, a leading provider of B2B ecommerce sales solutions and configure, price, quote (CPQ) software, today announced a strategic collaboration with LiquidPixels, the global leader of dynamic imaging solutions for the ecommerce industry.


Verenia’s CPQ software offers retailers a wide range of product solutions to maximize sales efficiency by providing fast and accurate quotes for complex configured products. LiquidPixels LiquiFire® Operating System (OS) allows customers to visualize their custom product in real-time in any color or design.

“A new trend is emerging,” says Vic Pellicano, Verenia’s Founder and CEO. “With modern-day retailers battling Amazon and Alibaba for relevance, we see growing retailers who are focusing their energy on providing in-store and online customers with an extraordinary omnichannel experience using digital tools like CPQ. A big component of that is visualizing custom products.”


With the speed and accuracy of Verenia’s CPQ solutions combined with the instantaneous visualization of customized products from LiquidPixels LiquiFire OS, customers will have an immersive and intimate sales experience, from dynamic pricing to seeing their product created in front of them.


“Combining Verenia’s CPQ technology with LiquidPixels LiquiFire OS enables B2B and B2C companies to display these custom configured products instantly at the point of sale,” says LiquidPixels CEO Steve Kristy. “The mix of real-time pricing and visualization will increase ecommerce and in-store conversions for retailers utilizing this integrated solution from Verenia and LiquidPixels.”


This partnership means retailers will be able to use Verenia’s CPQ and LiquidPixels LiquiFire OS to create engaging and streamlined services for every customer. Instead of spending hundreds of hours in training, memorizing part numbers, and combing through dozens of catalogs, sales teams will be able to focus on making sales from day one, and customers will receive error-free quotes and a visual of their custom product right there and then.


“Having been in the business many years, we have seen a lot of tech come and go, but LiquidPixels has been around for over 18 years and has an amazing product and team,” says Pellicano. “Together, Verenia and LiquidPixels will help the retailers of the future revitalize a sector that the media has left for dead.”

For more information, please visit LiquidPixels.com, and visit Verenia.com to schedule a demo.


About Verenia

Verenia provides organizations with leading CPQ and B2B ecommerce solutions that are tailored to simplify the buying and selling processes across all channels and allow businesses to align with the expectations of modern customers.

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Company Contact:  Michael Suareo

Email: msuareo@verenia.com

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About LiquidPixels

LiquidPixels leads the imaging revolution. Built on open standards, our LiquiFire Dynamic Imaging Solutions integrate into existing web and workflow environments, enhancing product creation and visualization while reducing production costs. Founded in 2000, LiquidPixels makes its patented technology available as a hosted service or via on-site enterprise servers with solutions that may be tailored to each of our customers’ unique needs.

© 2018 LiquidPixels Inc. All rights reserved.

Company Contact: Bruce G. Owens, Jr.

Email: sales@liquidpixels.com

Company Phone: 866-808-4937 (x301)

Tags: Ecommerce, B2B

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See how your organization can increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate your brand by using Verena's CPQ and CRM solutions
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