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Verenia - World’s Most Used CPQ

Verenia's line up of CPQ solutions keeps all complex rules and pricing in one easy to access place. No more wasted time on sales training or triple checking orders. See how this revolutionary software can help your business grow.

Verenia CPQ (FKA Eos CPQ) - The All in One Cloud CPQ, eCommerce and Self Service Software

Eos CPQ is the Best Rated and Fastest Growing CPQ in the World. See the software that is revolutionizing your industry.

Powerful Design and Function

A Cloud CPQ (Configure Price Quote) and eCommerce solution built around your growth and your success. Watch the introduction video.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop configuration can make for a very powerful design tool that lets your customers become designers on the fly. Here, we will look at how Cloud CPQ, Verenia CPQ can help a customer who sells custom jackets.

Error Proofing

Give users information via popup about a certain selection they make. Whether you are intending to show significant price increases or any form of vital information. See this feature in action with Cloud CPQ, Verenia CPQ.


One of the most important parts of getting a custom product quoted correctly is for your customers to be able to visualize the products they want. Verenia CPQ's CPI module allows your users to see exactly what options they're changing and see what those changes will look like on the finished product in real time.

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