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Verenia CRM for NetSuite

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Verenia CRM for NetSuite is an all-in-one, front-office sales acceleration solution that brings NetSuite’s back-office software and configure, price, quote (CPQ) technology together with no integration required.

Verenia CRM Login Screen
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Improve Service

Having client activity in one place and accessible from any device, your customer service team will be more efficient, making your business a better company to your customers.

automate tasks
Automate Tasks

With general functions automated, your reps will be able to focus more on closing deals and less on remembering call schedules and SKUs to enter customer orders.

Increase Security

Verenia’s CRM is 100% NetSuite-native and needs no integration or third-party software, so your data never leaves the NetSuite ecosystem.

boost productivity
Boost Productivity

Everyone in your organization will be able to share customer knowledge and progress updates in real time, eliminating multiple costly meetings to keep your teams in sync.

Verenia CRM Quote Screen