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Manufacturing CRM

Complete sales solutions including CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) & Customer Portals

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Built For Manufacturing


Reps can manage customers, contacts, create, edit, and deliver quotes, and proposals, as well as convert  quotes into orders. Fully integrated with Verenia Configurator, provides a 360 view of each customer, integrates with any email system.
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Powerful configuration engine that allows salespeople to configure complex products in minutes, if not seconds. Increases the volume of quotes salespeople can provide customers, which increases sales.
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Make it easy for dealers and B2C customers to do business with you on your website with an ecommerce solution that works seamlessly with Verenia CPQ and any eCommerce shopping cart solution.
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Recent News

What is NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing?

NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing (NS AM) is an extension to NetSuite that helps manufacturers make products more quickly, with less costs, and more efficiently. Verenia’s CPQ solution, which is native...

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Verenia’s No Shelfware Guarantee

Verenia guarantees its customers that we do not support or in any case deliver our customers shelfware. More on how we do this below.  But first, what is shelfware? Shelfware is unused or drastically...

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Replace Your Manufacturing CRM

The Endowment Effect, Status Quo Bias and the Sunk Cost Fallacy are all related biases that buyers of any product or service consciously, or typically subconsciously, incur after buying and...

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