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Verenia CPQ For NetSuite

Voted #1 on SuiteApp

Verenia CPQ for NetSuite (formerly Sole), the CPQ solution that is 100% natively built on the NetSuite Platform. It's dynamic pricing and validation system will make sure every quote and order goes in correctly.  Because it's native, it works with all NetSuite add-on products like SuiteCommerce Advanced, InStore, Advanced Customer Center and many more.

Verenia CPQ for NetSuite enables companies to efficiently quote, sell and process orders for complex customizable products and services. Not so complex? Any sales organization can leverage the CPQ platform to manage their catalog, use the CPQ rules to handle discounts, promotions, recommend upsell and cross-sell items as well as validate products and services compatibility.  


Sales Portal Dashboard in Laptop.png

Sales Portal

Verenia not only offers the highest rated omnichannel CPQ solutions in the industry, but no other CPQ company offers the power and versatility of sales portals like us. Verenia’s Sales Portal provides businesses with a cloud-based, all-in-one B2B eCommerce solution that can be accessed by all user types with ease.

Businesses are looking for self-service information and the ability to buy directly from vendors online. With Verenia’s all-in-one Sales Portal, companies can give B2B customers the same ease of use that B2C shopping experiences bring all while expanding the efficiency of sales teams. 


Sole GS Screenshot-Laptop.png

Guided Selling Module

The Guided Selling module of the Verenia CPQ for NetSuite platform works alongside your NetSuite ecosystem for a user-friendly application that brings your products and services to customers easily, efficiently and accurately by leveraging your NetSuite platform.

Guided Selling helps your sales team and your users find products and services that match their specific needs and wants, and your inventory. This module allows users to experience the following:

  • Guided Selling without product number knowledge
  • 100% correct quotes and orders
  • Minimal training for new sales reps
  • Cross-sell, upsell and discount opportunities